What is the Right Burial Option for You and Your Family?

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Choosing the type of burial to memorialize you is a profoundly personal decision between you and your family. It’s an important way that your memory will be kept alive forever.

This section is designed to guide you through the five main memorialization options available – including below and above ground burial, burial in a mausoleum, and cremation.

The five types of burial options

  1. In-Ground Burial
  2. Above Ground Burial in a Community Mausoleum
  3. Above Ground Burial in a Private Mausoleum
  4. Above Ground Burial in a Lawn Crypt
  5. Cremation

If you have more questions or considerations about the right type of burial option for you and your family’s needs, you can speak to a caring, knowledgeable representative at a BurialPlanning.com affiliate neighborhood cemetery location. Find the cemetery that’s right for you.

If you are ready to plan your memorialization and burial options now, you can handle it all simply and quickly by requesting a customized plan for your need. Ease your mind with the knowledge that it’s all taken care of.