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Morgan Fairchild on Burial Pre-Planning
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Why Pre-Plan?

It will save you and your family money and grief.

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Cemetery Burial Plots for Traditional in-Ground Burials

A burial plot, also known as a grave or funeral plot, is the spot where a body is laid to rest in the ground. Lush green sod is placed over the space to provide an area for loved ones to stand, visit, and remember. Burial plots provide a way to display a marker or monument and can be adorned year-round with beautiful gravesite floral tributes.

Burial plots guaranteed to remain beautiful

All plots in the BurialPlanning.com cemetery network are pristinely maintained by dedicated grounds and landscaping crews. Our burial plot costs include Perpetual Care Ground Maintenance to ensure that your area will always remain green and attractive – a calming place for your loved ones to visit and reflect fondly on your life.

What to consider when planning your cemetery plot

As part of your pre-planning process, budget for costs by considering how many funeral plot spaces you may want for your family. Many people buy cemetery plots for themselves and a spouse, some even buy enough plots to accommodate their entire family. Keep in mind that BurialPlanning.com’s reasonable cemetery plot prices apply to both traditional casket and cremation urn burial. The choice is yours.

Gravesite spaces come in three options to accommodate your needs:

  • Single Space – A single spot to accommodate the burial of one individual
  • Double-Depth 
– A space for two individuals to be buried one atop the other
  • Side-by-Side 
– Two separate spaces for two individuals to be buried alongside one another

If you want to select the location of your gravesite and lock in a lower cemetery plot price now, request your free, no-obligation kit!