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Personalized Burial Markers for Elegant Memorialization

Grave markers are flat bronze plaques installed on a granite stone base for the purpose of identifying the deceased. Read on to see the cost of a cemetery grave marker as well as other helpful information.

Bronze Grave Markers for Sale

Why do you need a grave marker?

A bronze grave marker is an elegant way to memorialize the deceased. Information typically inscribed on a cemetery grave marker includes:

  • Date of birth and death
  • Name of the deceased
  • Personal information chosen by the deceased or the deceased’s family

If you choose to have an in-ground burial, depending on the cemetery location, you will need a memorial such as a flat grave marker or upright monument. When you pre-plan your marker, you can select exactly what you want your memorization to say.

Bronze grave markers for sale

Interested in learning more about personalization and costs of cemetery grave markers? To arrange your bronze burial marker, request your free, no-obligation kit now!

Not applicable in the state of New Jersey.