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Lawn Crypt – The Two-Person Above Ground Option That Remains Dry

There are two main benefits of above ground lawn crypt burial: Lawn crypts allow two people to be memorialized together, and the space always remains clean and dry. Crypts also feature a water drainage system directly below the area to provide added protection from weather.

Lawn crypt burial is the right choice for you if: 

  • You want to be buried next to a deceased loved one
  • You want a marker or monument to memorialize you
  • You want loved ones to place flowers and other decorations at the site
  • You prefer traditional cemetery burials
  • You want the promise and peace-of-mind of a dryer gravesite

Above ground burial crypts consist of four components:

  • Gravesite – the space or plot.
  • Casket – displays and contains the deceased, either for burial or cremation.
  • Memorial – a tribute installed at the gravesite to honor and celebrate a life worth remembering. Flat bronze markers are installed at memorial parks and upright concrete monuments are installed at cemeteries.
  • Please note that vaults are not necessary.

If you think an above ground burial crypt makes sense for your final plans, request your free, no-obligation kit now to lock in today’s prices and have the peace of mind of knowing it’s all taken care of.

Not applicable in the state of New Jersey.