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Private Family Mausoleums – The Ultimate Personalization Option

A family mausoleum is a distinct, private, aboveground structure built specifically at an individual’s request, usually to entomb multiple members of a single family. This ageless granite and bronze option ensures maximum privacy, personalization, and prestige, with available elements such as bronze doors, stone columns, and stained glass creating the most comfortable way to emotionally, spiritually, and physically connect with those most precious of loved ones who are have passed on.

Private Family Mausoleums from

The Taj Mahal is just one of many well-known examples of the private mausoleum burial method. Consider your family mausoleum your own private sanctuary, providing a serene and comfortable environment where family can visit with, pray for, and honor those they love.

Private family mausoleum is the right choice for you if:

  • You want complete privacy
  • You want to bring dignity and honor to your family name
  • You want your loved ones to be able to visit frequently in a personal, comfortable, climate-controlled setting
  • You prefer in-door and aboveground
  • You want absolute certainty that the site will always remain dry
  • You want to keep your entire family together

Elements of a private mausoleum:

  • Casket – displays and contains the deceased, either for burial or cremation.
  • Please note that vaults and memorials are not necessary

Is a private family mausoleum the right burial option for you? request your free, no-obligation kit now to lock in today’s prices and get peace of mind of knowing it’s all taken care of, for you and your whole family.

Not applicable in the state of New Jersey, except for the aquiring of land for the mausoleum.