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Why Should You Pre-Plan? Our Free Burial Planning Guide Explains.

Your funeral might be decades away, but pre-planning your burial now relieves some of the future stress of your loved ones having to hurriedly make arrangements when the time comes. Plus, planning now let’s you make all the decisions for your preferred funeral. Meaning you can rest assured knowing you’ll get exactly what you want and your loved ones won’t have to try to think of what you would’ve wanted during their time of grief.

This is why we created our burial planning information kit. As most people only pre-plan a funeral once in their lives, they’re typically unsure how to even get started. Our guide is designed to answer all the questions you may have about burial planning, as well as provide information like pricing, options, and anything else you may need to quickly and easily pre-plan your burial.

Purchasing your own cemetery spaces couldn’t be easier. Get a customized purchase-by-mail kit from the cemetery location of your choice just by filling out the brief form to the right.
Free Pre-Planning Kit

What’s in your pre-paid burial kit?

Your free purchase-by-mail kit is full of valuable information, including a burial planning guide containing pre-paid burial options. Your free kit includes:
Complete pricing info: All the various costs involved in pre-planning, as well as the cost of each available option.
Affordable payment options: Pre-planning now means you pay today’s prices, rather than the inflated cost of a funeral years in the future. Our kit helps you choose a payment option within your budget, so you can get exactly what you want at a fair price.
Helpful literature on all aspects of burial pre-planning: What products and services you may want or need (such as the casket vault or a memorial bench), as well as information on choosing a funeral director and much more.
Easy-to-complete order form and postage paid return envelope: Once you’ve reviewed all the information and made your decision, fill out the form and mail it back to us. It’s that easy! Your funeral is planned and you’ve got peace of mind.

You Will Receive Your Free Pre-paid Burial Kit by First-Class U.S. Mail within 3-5 Business Days.

The many benefits of owning cemetery spaces today:

Arranging your memorialization now with a pre-paid burial plan is an extreme act of generosity and caring for your family, a true gift for your loved ones. Here are just a few of the benefits of pre-planning your burial expenses:

  • Prevent emotion-driven overspending on burial expenses.
  • Guarantee your space location preference.
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing “it’s all taken care of”
  • Pre-purchasing is a true gift for your loved ones
  • Eliminate inflation by locking-in today’s prices. Forever.
  • Protect your family from the heartache and burden of purchasing cemetery space during their time of grief.

To save your loved ones from additional grief and burial expenses, get a burial information pre-planning kit, including a burial planning guide, at no obligation.

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