Burial Preplanning as a Couple

Approaching Burial Preplanning as a Couple

It’s not uncommon for couples to feel hesitant to engage in conversations about burial planning.  It is, after all, a difficult subject to approach – some people believe it’s unlucky to plan for their death, and others may not want to conceive of a time without his or her spouse. However, because death is a lifecycle event, it is necessary to engage in the conversation about your final planning expenses.

To take steps towards preplanning, it’s important to build a comfort level with discussing burial options with your spouse. Part of building that comfort is to understand the financial and emotional benefits that a prepaid burial secures.

Ensure Last Wishes Are Met

By exploring burial options as a couple you confirm the last wishes of your spouse, and vice versa.  By waiting until the time of death for burial planning, you or your spouse could be left with an overwhelming number of choices regarding burial plans during an already difficult time.  Additionally, when couples preplan burial arrangements, both are assured that their last wishes will be carried out.

Save Money While Locking in Costs

By planning ahead, couples can take advantage of many burial planning discounts and avoid emotional overspending. Prepaid burials allow couples to lock in burial costs that are expected to double approximately every 10 years.  It is conceivable that a $10,000 burial today could cost as much as $40,000 in 20 years.  By paying for burial arrangements at today’s prices, you can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Use Life Insurance to Sustain Life

Life insurance is intended to sustain life; not to fund death.  By making prepaid burial plans, couples can rest assured that the spouse who remains will not be burdened by burial costs. If you purchased $10,000 in life insurance and your unplanned burial costs are $20,000, your spouse will be forced to use all of your life insurance, plus fund the difference. By planning a prepaid burial, your life insurance can be used for what it is intended for – life. 

Use our cemetery locator tool to explore cemeteries with your spouse and determine where you may want to purchase a burial plot or learn more about cremation services. By beginning the process together, you will understand each other’s wishes regarding burial planning, save money, and know that you and your spouse will be faced with less of a financial burden upon each other’s passing.

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