Failing to pre-plan is planning to fail…your loved ones

Almost all burials share the common elements of grief and sadness for those left behind. However, not all need to share confusion and conflict—especially burials that have been pre-planned.

There are a number of decisions that need to be made during the preplanning process. However, if those decisions are postponed and left for surviving loved ones to grapple with, they can trigger unnecessary tension and guilt.

Consider the different types of burial which include in-ground, mausoleum, and cremation. Add to that the various choices of burial merchandise and the varieties of each such as cemetery locations, burial plots, caskets, tombstones, and monuments. If you are cremated, questions may still be raised about choosing the right urn, whether to conduct a burial or scatter your ashes, or if your cremains will be kept with a loved one. And, by the way, which loved one?

By making your plans in advance, you can keep your surviving loved ones from facing unnecessary tension and confusion. The good news is that pre-planning is not as difficult or time consuming as one might think. Moreover, pre-planning enables you to engage your burial plans in a calm and thoughtful manner with a clear mind and good conscience. Understandably, a grieving family at the time of need is not typically able to enjoy these attributes.

Most of all, your family will respect your decisions when the time comes, will be able to move on with the grieving process appropriately, and be able to memorialize your life with dignity.

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