Pre-Planning: Lessen the Financial Burden on Loved Ones Left Behind

The loss of a spouse or loved one often means a dramatic change in a family finances. Many Americans purchase insurance policies to help financially support their families when such a time arises, but financial difficulties remain for many.

Compounding the decreased income after losing a loved one is increasing burial costs. It is conceivable that a $10,000 burial today could cost as much as $40,000 in 20 years.  Based on these rising rates, a typical life insurance policy may not even pay for a burial in 20 years, let alone support a family. Life insurance should be used to sustain life, not to fund burial costs.

An important consideration to ensure greater financial viability for your loved ones after your death is a prepaid burial plan. It provides cost-saving opportunities on your purchases, locks in costs at today’s rates, and it reduces the potential emotional overspending by your family.

Saving on Burial Costs

There are many options to consider in planning a burial, and associated costs with each. A traditional in-ground burial requires a burial space, casket, vault, and a marker or monument.  When you don’t engage in burial pre-planning your family is forced to make at-need purchases, likely at full cost.  By purchasing all of these items upfront—and even more so by purchasing items as a couple—you may secure savings on your burial costs.

Lock in Costs

By making burial arrangements at today’s prices, you stand to save thousands of dollars. Most burial costs will never increase, despite rising rates, and you often have the option to spread out payments over time. Instead of leaving a large lump sum for your loved ones to pay after you die, your burial expenses could be paid over time in manageable installments.

Avoid Emotional Overspending

When a loved one dies with no pre-burial plan, the remaining family members are left to make all of the pertinent decisions regarding the burial.  At this difficult time, it is common to overspend on various aspects of a burial, which can cause additional financial woes when trying to adjust to a reduced income.

Burial pre-planning allows your loved ones to grieve their loss and celebrate your life.  Consider engaging in pre-planning to save money on your burial and lessen the financial burden on your family. 

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