Choosing a Cemetery

Can you recall the last time you visited a cemetery?  What do you remember about your experience? Perhaps it was the peaceful setting, or the tranquil sounds of birds chirping while you spent quiet time in reflection at a loved one’s gravesite.  Cemeteries provide a tangible connection to the deceased; a place for family members to memorialize loved ones for many years to come.

Where do you visualize your family members visiting your final resting place? Is it in a sprawling memorial garden with fountains, flowers and benches? Maybe you prefer a cemetery with monuments and mausoleums.

Choosing a cemetery and a burial plot deserves thoughtful contemplation.  By taking the time to consider the following factors, you can find a cemetery that ensures your lasting connection with loved ones will be in an environment that best suits your legacy and celebrates your life.

Cemetery Location

There are many questions to ponder when choosing a final resting place that is right for you. Do you want a cemetery that is convenient to all of your loved ones?  Or are you interested in a cemetery in your hometown where your parents and extended family members have been laid to rest?  A Google search shows that some individuals chose to be buried in their favorite city; perhaps that option resonates with you.

Burial Space Location

Once you decide on the cemetery location, another important consideration is the location of your burial space on the property. You may want an easily-accessible burial plot with a landmark that visitors can find with ease, or you may visit the cemetery and see a certain bench or fountain that you would like your loved ones to enjoy as they visit.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Additionally, cemeteries have varying policies that may impact your decision.  Some important questions to ask include: What are the property’s visiting hours? Are the grounds well maintained? Does the cemetery offer your type of preferred burial option? What is the policy on decorations placed on graves?

There are many decisions to make when you begin burial planning, and choosing a final resting place is chief among those. Choosing a cemetery that best suits your preferences is now easier than ever with’s national network of cemeteries.  Click here to find a cemetery.

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