Honoring Those Who Went Before Us and Those Left Behind

The last week in May marks an important time for hundreds of properties in our network of cemeteries as they hold Memorial Day events to remember veterans who went before us. Just one day later, BurialPlanning.com will encourage Americans to honor those we will leave behind by launching a national burial planning ad campaign with company spokesperson Morgan Fairchild.

Honoring Those Who Went Before Us

Memorial Day represents the busiest weekend of the year for properties in our national network of cemeteries, as they preserve the importance of the holiday by providing special opportunities to honor family members who died while serving in the Armed Forces.

Many of the properties host Memorial Day events including services and cook-outs, and also hold other special events and giveaways.  In the Mid-Atlantic region, for example, visitors at each cemetery location can be entered into a drawing for a memorial bench.

Honoring Those We Will Leave Behind

As we look to the past and remember the brave soldiers who lost their lives, BurialPlanning.com is also taking steps to educate Americans on the importance of honoring the loved ones we will leave behind by exploring burial options and engaging in burial planning.

Fairchild, an Emmy-nominated actress, will appear in a national ad campaign that kicks off on May 27.  In anticipation of that date, BurialPlanning.com has released a web video with Fairchild, in which she highlights the benefits of pre-planning and provides step-by-step instructions on how to begin the process.

One of the most important aspects of burial planning, according to Fairchild, is to protect your family from the heartache of making burial arrangements as they grieve.

“Spare your family the burden and cost of making difficult decisions in their time of grief—which is the true gift to your loved ones,” says Fairchild.

Prepaid burials also allow you to avoid inflation and ensure your burial preferences are met, according to Fairchild.

Watch the complete BurialPlanning.com video, below: 

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