Cemeteries in & Near Philadelphia

Interested in learning more about cemeteries in and near Philadelphia? See our list of historic cemeteries in Philadelphia and learn about burial planning.

Natural Burial: Advantages & Benefits

What are the benefits of a natural burial? More and more people are choosing natural burials over traditional. Learn about the advantages of natural burials.

The Benefits of Cremation Pre-planning

What is cremation pre-planning and what are the benefits of a cremation plan? Learn about the financial advantages of planning your own cremation now.
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Chicago Area Cemeteries

There are several beautiful, historic, and well-maintained cemeteries in and near Chicago. Learn more about these Chicago cemeteries and burial planning now.

Alternative Burial Options

While most people opt for a traditional, in-ground burial, what are some alternative burial methods? Learn about various, popular alternative burial options.

What is a Lawn Crypt & How Much Does it Cost?

What is a lawn crypt and how much does it cost? Find out about what a lawn crypt is and why some people choose to be buried in one, and the cost of a crypt.

Cemeteries Near Pittsburgh

Read helpful information on cemeteries in and near Pittsburgh, including historic information and other details.

Types of Mausoleums

Mausoleums come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. Want to learn about the different types of mausoleums? Get information on lawn crypts, garden mausoleums, columbariums, and more.

A Guide to Casket Options for Families and Individuals

What kind of coffin and casket options are available to you? If you need help deciding on how to customize a casket, our useful guide provides information on various burial options. Learn about everything from casket material, design, and interiors. Read our helpful casket and coffin options guide.

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