What are cremains? | Understanding Cremation

The cremation process is often misunderstood. What are cremains? Where can they be placed? Read on to learn more about cremation.

How to Keep Saving After Retirement

This article focuses on saving money after retirement. Learn how to save during retirement by downsizing, crafting, cooking, and working as a consultant.
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Can Cremains Be Placed Inside a Mausoleum?

Those considering cremation may wonder what options are available for a final resting place. Can cremains be placed in a mausoleum?
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Burial Options: In-ground Burials

What is involved in an in-ground burial? Find out if this burial service meets your needs.

Why Do Cemeteries Have to Be Creepy?

Why do we consider cemeteries and burial lots to be scary? And why is this such a false misconception? Read on to find out.

3 Reasons Cremation May Not Be Right For You

Is cremation right for you? This article discusses cremations and the factors to consider when deciding between cremation and a traditional burial.
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What is a Scatter Garden?

This article explains scatter gardens and their benefits.

Breathtaking Cemeteries in Pennsylvania

Cemeteries can be beautiful too. A cemeteries appearance may be important to you when making end-of-life decisions. This article discusses 3 breathtaking cemeteries in Pennsylvania.

5 Superstitions About Funerals and Cemeteries

This article focuses on unknown funeral superstitions of the past. Learn how cemetery superstitions of our ancestors became a part of modern day burials.

Self-Improvement and Choosing Your Legacy

How can planning your legacy lead to self-improvement? Learn more about the surprising connection between legacy planning and improving your well-being.

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