Around The World

Burial Traditions from Around the World

This article explores various burial traditions, and how you can incorporate your traditions into burial pre-planning.
Whats Your Plan Site

Adventures in Baby Boomer Retirement Trends

This article explores various retirement trends for Baby Boomers, including how boomers are planning for retirement.
Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning: Worry Now, Relax Later

For those close to retirement, this article offers tips (including updating your will and pre-planning your burial) so you can simply relax when you retire.
Legacy Site

A Lasting Legacy with

Learn how pre-planning your burial puts you in charge of your legacy.
Retirement Stat

Baby Boomer Retirement Stats: How do You Compare?

We take a look at how baby boomers are planning for retirement and beyond.
Private Mausoleum

Financial Family Management for the Future

Whether you are planning for your own future, or your parents, it’s important to think about financial planning for your family - and that includes burial planning.
What to do when you retire

What to do When You Retire walks you through some of the most important steps you should take now that you’re retired.

Looking Back Using Burial Records

Tips on exploring your own genealogy using burial records.
New Year 2016

A New Year Means Time to Revisit Estate Planning

The New Year provides a fresh start on your estate planning.
Happy Holidays From Burialplanningcom

Happy Holidays from

How can pre-planning your burial be the most thoughtful gift you can give your family this holiday season? explains more.

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