Closet Makeovers

Recently an article in House Beautiful detailed clever solutions on the best organizational choices for every room of the home. How can space be added to a tiny bathroom? The House Beautiful experts suggested a lightweight stand with corner shelving to store thick towels along with a decorative lamp above. Voilà, just like magic it’s instant order! Click here for the article.

Many Americans spend boatloads of money organizing closets, bedrooms, garages, and even overhauling lives with trainers and life coaches, but too often we neglect to consider coordinating end of life arrangements.

It’s okay. Many folks find it awkward to discuss burial planning. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, though. At we will step you through the pre-planning process and take the discomfort right out of it.

Burial pre-planning is about organization, and having a feeling of satisfaction that you’ve relieved loved ones from worrying about honoring your life properly while they are grieving. It’s a loving gesture you can arrange for your family.

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