Honoring Your Loved One with a Memorial Bench

Honoring the deceased is no easy task. For those who want to make sure that you are truly embodying the spirit and personality of your loved ones, some may want to consider looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and truly unique. Why not consider honoring a loved one with a personalized memorial bench?

Made of granite, memorial benches are a beautiful alternative approach to remembering a loved one. The bench will not only be an attractive addition to the grounds but can also serve as a tool for peaceful remembrance and reflection. In a sea of traditional flat, ground level markers, graveside benches can also serve as an easy way for your loved ones to locate a specific burial site during visitation.

Memorial benches (found on burialplanning.com) can be personalized in several ways. By turning any memorial site into a park, benches also offer a place of rest for potential visitors and a unique way of honoring the deceased.

A similar burial option is the use of a cremation bench. If you chose cremation, one usually thinks of remains being kept in an urn in the home or in an urn garden. The option of memorializing loved ones with a cremation bench combines both ideas, and involves placing some or all of the cremated remains of a loved one artfully within the structure of the bench. 

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