5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Retirement

In this article we take a look at 5 fun things to do in retirement, plus 1 bonus idea (hint: it’s burial planning!) that retirees may want to consider as they determine the best way to spend their new found free time.

  1. Traveling: While some retirees are happy to relax at home, others crave more adventure! Once retired, the ability to travel is always ranked as one of the top hobbies for retirement. Plan a trip somewhere completely new and unique or revisit a favorite vacation spot from when you were younger, to see how much it has changed. You don’t have to break the bank trying to travel the globe, depending where you live there are most likely plenty of affordable options right in your own back yard.
  2. Give back to your community: Finding volunteer opportunities is a great way for retirees to stay engaged and connected to the community in which they live. If you decided to relocate upon retirement, volunteering is a great way to connect with your new community! Charities and nonprofits are always looking for passionate volunteers who can commit their time and efforts during retirement.
  3. Go back to school: Retirement may not be the time to start a new degree program, but plenty of community colleges offer educational courses for retirees and seniors. Courses may be offered on campus, but you could also try enrolling in an online class. Give yourself the chance to discover some of the best retirement hobbies and try something new like: cooking, ballroom dance or a foreign language. Increase your ability to navigate the digital landscape with courses in social media or starting your on online business. 
  4. Sales: Retirement sometimes means downsizing, which may mean losing valuable space if you were a collector of antique items. No one knows how much those items are valued at better than an experienced collector, so whether it was model trains or collectable figurines, it may be time to look into opening up a shop on eBay and sharing your treasures with newer collectors. Opening an online store also has the opportunity to provide you with some extra income from your sales efforts. 
  5. Adopt: Leaving a workplace full of people for the solitude of their own home may leave some retirees feeling like there is a void that needs to be filled.  Consider adopting a furry friend from a local shelter to keep you company as you adjust to your new schedule and lifestyle. In addition to companionship, a new cat or dog can ease stress, and caring for a pet has shown to keep activity levels up in retirees. When looking to adopt, make sure you find a breed and appropriately aged pet that matches your activity level so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with a hyperactive dog or overly picky cat.
  6. Bonus idea! Burial Planning: Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your final expenses are taken care of before the day comes. Research the various types of cremation, in or above ground burial options that are available and ensure that your loved ones are able to remember you how you want to be remembered.  Better yet, contact the Burial Advisory to request your no-obligation pre-paid burial kit by mail today!

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