Choosing a Historic Cemetery, and Why it Matters

When it comes to choosing where you want to be laid to rest, there are many factors to consider – one consideration is of historic cemeteries.

For most people considering historic grave sites today, the draw may not be what founding fathers or famous celebrities are buried there, but more about what family members have been laid to rest in a particular place over the years, or what services the property provides to Veteran members of our nation’s military. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the unique properties you can find through the Burial Advisor:

  • The Newport Memorial Park, formerly known as the Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Middletown #17, has markers that date back to the early 1900’s.  The property is located less than 1500 feet from the Atlantic Ocean and around the corner from the Norman Bird Sanctuary, a 325-acre bird sanctuary, nature preserve, and historical museum.
  • In Philadelphia, the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery opened in 1892 and is located directly next to Arcadia University. Many big names in Philadelphia business have been buried here including, Connie Mack, Hall of Fame baseball player and manager.
  • Located in southern Memphis, the Forest Hill Cemetery Midtown opened in 1888 and is one of the oldest in the city. This properties claim to fame is that it offered temporary entombment to Elvis Presley in 1977 while permanent entombment was being prepared at Graceland.

Once you have your historic cemetery selected, one of the ways that you can always make sure that your loved ones are properly decorated is to purchase a cemetery floral arrangement package. With these, our professional ground staff will decorate sites with fresh flowers on a seasonal and holiday basis. Ultimately, when selecting a cemetery you should consider many factors such as location, cost, and proximity to loved ones and of course, if burial in a historic place is important to you.

Still overwhelmed by the options? Let us help you pre-plan your burial and ensure that you are confident and comfortable in your decisions by contacting the Burial Advisory today!

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