Happy National Parents’ Day from BurialPlanning.com!

After years of Mother’s Day flowers and Father’s Day ties, let’s reverse the celebrations this Parents’ Day! If you are an ageing parent with grown adult children and even grandchildren it may be difficult to start a conversation about your wishes for the afterlife. The Burial Advisor is here to help! This article will show you how pre-planning your own burial is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children this Parents’ Day!

First, make sure you have taken steps towards responsible financial family planning by making sure all of your important documents, financial records and assets are in order. As parents, you know how siblings can squabble when emotions are running high. Outlining how you want your belongings distributed can help keep the peace by outlining exactly how your belongings are to be distributed.

Parents are constantly trying to protect their children no matter how old they get.  Another way to protect them is by giving them peace of mind. Determining your burial expenses is one way to do that, and with the Burial Advisor’s pre-planning kit you will receive comprehensive information all aspects of burial planning including burial options, pricing and budgetary plans.

So this year on July 24, be sure to celebrate National Parents’ Day with your loved ones! When the family comes together to celebrate you, there is no better way to show your appreciation for them than by starting the conversation of pre-planning, and giving them the gift of peace of mind.  

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