Cemeteries in North Carolina

Opting to be buried in North Carolina means you’ll have a wide selection of beautiful spots from which to choose. Among the North Carolina cemeteries on our list, you’ll find one that overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains and another that incorporates fine art into the surroundings. 

But each cemetery is unique and special in its own way. Here’s a guide to finding a burial option in the Tar Heel State that’s right for you. From the environs of Charlotte to the natural beauty of areas closer to the coast, get to know the variety and charm of each of these North Carolina cemeteries before you make your choice. 

Alamance Memorial Park

Alamance Memorial Park

You’ll find Alamance Memorial Park in Burlington, not far from lovely Lake McIntoch, a local fishing spot with a shoreline of 61 miles. The beautiful grounds feature tidy tombstones whose bright white colors are painstakingly well-maintained by the park’s groundskeepers. 

Commemorative landscaping features include a memorial tribute to soldiers as well as other monuments located throughout the park. There are numerous walkways and memorials marked by well-kept flower tributes placed lovingly by family and friends. 

The rising slopes of the park offer visitors a serene setting in which to reflect or pray, and there are several sections that incorporate grottos, a fountain, caves, and various gardens and mature trees. 

People who wish to be buried at this NC cemetery may choose from lawn crypts, cremation, niches, private estates, mausoleums, and traditional in-ground burials. 

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Chatham Memorial Park 

Chatham Memorial Park is a newer perpetual care cemetery established in 1953 in Siler City, NC. Visitors can reflect quietly in the shade offered by large, mature trees that dot the landscape of the park. 

Family memorial benches throughout the park provide additional ways to express remembrance, and also offer visitors a central place to gather and mourn their loved ones. 

Options for burial include mausoleum entombment, cremation, and traditional in-ground burial. 

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Crestview Memorial Park 

Crestview Memorial Park

Founded in 1950, Crestview Memorial Park is located in Rural Hall, NC. This park offers a peaceful, rural setting set along rolling hills. The grounds are well-maintained, as is the stone wall that marks the entrance to the memorial park. 

Visiting family members will enjoy numerous natural features such as a large pond and several gardens that slope down toward the water. The mausoleum is stately and impressive, built in the colonial style and looking out over the hills and water. 

Crestview Memorial Park offers traditional in-ground burials, lawn crypts, cremation, and mausoleums. 

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Floral Garden Park Cemetery 

Floral Garden Park Cemetery

Marked by undulating small hills and a variety of mature trees, Floral Garden Park Cemetery in High Point, North Carolina offers serene views of nature. Family members and other visitors will appreciate the well-maintained pond and lush greenery that frames each section of the cemetery. 

There are multiple options for burial, including cremation niches, private mausoleum, lawn crypt, and traditional burial. 

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Martin Memorial Gardens 

Martin Memorial Gardens

Established in 1939 and located in Williamston, Martin Memorial Gardens offers ‘perpetual care’ for memorials placed within its borders. Surrounded by a lush forest with evergreen trees as well as deciduous varieties that change with the seasons, the gardens offer visitors a quiet retreat in a natural setting. 

The focal point of the memorial gardens is a historic gazebo, reminiscent of the small town squares of yesteryear. The gazebo is lovingly decorated with seasonal touches throughout the year. This is very much in keeping with the Gardens’ overall policy of careful maintenance and upkeep. 

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Oaklawn Memorial Gardens 

Oaklawn Memorial Gardens

Oaklawn Memorial Gardens is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on High Point Road just north of Fiddlers Creek and Reynolds Park. The memorial gardens were established in 1952 and consist of 42 acres of well-maintained grounds. One notable feature is the incorporation of fine art among the memorials. Visitors will also appreciate the vistas, which offer expansive views of the gardens. 

This cemetery in North Carolina has several types of burial options available, including lawn crypts, cremation columbariums, hedge estates, and traditional burial plots. 

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Pinelawn Memorial Park 

Pinelawn Memorial Park

Pinelawn Memorial Park is another cemetery located near a river: the Neuse River in Kinston, NC. Those who appreciate a natural setting will find Pinelawn to be an excellent choice for burial plots. There are three different mausoleums and mature trees offering shade and protection throughout all corners of the park. 

Burial options at Pinelawn include cremation niches, lawn crypt, community mausoleum cremation burial, and traditional in-ground burial. 

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Randolph Memorial Park 

Randolph Memorial Park

In Asheboro, NC, you’ll find Randolph Memorial Park located near Randleman Lake. One of the most beautiful cemeteries in North Carolina, the grounds are well-kept and offer visitors a lovely spot in which to reflect. Some even choose the park for strolling amidst the tree-lined pathways and gardens. 

Established in 1948, the park landscaping is traditional and well-developed, with thick stands of lush trees framing the entire park and its gardens. There are several landscaping features that stand out, including one focal point that features terraced garden plots topped by a 360-degree bench. 

Randolph Memorial Park offers options for burial that include lawn crypts, cremation, mausoleums, and traditional in-ground burial plots. 

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Skyline Memory Garden 

Set near the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, Skyline Memory Garden in Mount Airy, NC offers a variety of visually breathtaking vistas. There are multiple beautiful settings for burial plots, including 11 gorgeous gardens vibrant with flowering trees and other vegetation. 

With the mountain tops in the distance, the memory gardens offer visitors many quiet, serene, peaceful spots in which to memorialize their loved ones. Vistas that look out over the treetops offer views that change color with the seasons. There are also Bradford pear trees and Magnolia trees that surround the gardens with colorful blossoms in Spring. 

Choose from cremation, mausoleum, or traditional burials at Skyline Memory Garden. 

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York Memorial Park 

York Memorial Park

Located not far from central Charlotte, NC, York Memorial Park covers no less than 35 separate memorial gardens. Each is beautifully landscaped and each features peaceful reminders that serve to promote reflection and thoughtfulness. There are bronze memorials, family park benches, and well-maintained mature trees, as well as countless pathways, all providing opportunities for remembrance and serenity. 

Burial options at York Memorial Park include cremations, mausoleums, and traditional ground burials. 

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