Cemeteries in Maryland

Maryland may be a small state, but it has the best of everything. Beginning in western parts with the grand heights of the Appalachian Mountains and on out to the white sandy beaches where this coastal state meets the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a slice of something beautiful everywhere you go.

From bustling Baltimore to the unending inlets of the Chesapeake Bay, it’s easy to see why Maryland is called ‘America in Miniature.’ Families and those planning their burials who wish to learn about cemeteries in Maryland will find an equally diverse and beautiful range of options throughout the state.

Maryland cemeteries span the entire state, from the suburbs of Washington D.C. to the beautiful inland coastal areas found leading up to Ocean City. Wherever you’re conducting your search, you’ll find that your options are as diverse as the state in which they are found. To help guide you, here are descriptions of some of the best.

Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery, MD

Follow Pennsylvania Ave from the nation’s Capital and you’ll find Cedar Hill Cemetery, just over the border in Suitland, MD. This makes Cedar Hill Cemetery an ideal choice for families searching for a burial plot near Washington, D.C. It is adjacent to both Lincoln Memorial Cemetery and National Cemetery, which lie just across Suitland Road.

This cemetery bears the distinction of having several large historical art installations located throughout its grounds. Artist Dionicio Rodriguez was known for his concrete pieces that resemble wood structures. Cedar Hill Cemetery is graced with two footbridges by the artist — one of which is named “The Bridge of Life.” It spans a winding waterway and is capped by Japanese-style lanterns at either end.

The grounds feature other works by Rodriguez: a bench, a lifelike hollow tree trunk and a Wishing Chair, all set in the shade thanks to lovely pergolas that dot the cemetery grounds. There are also many historical and political figures buried here, making Cedar Hill one of the most well-known cemeteries in Maryland.

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Columbia Memorial Park

Columbia memorial Park, MD

Columbia Memorial Park lies adjacent to a sprawling Natural Resource Management Area that follows the Middle Patuxent River. Located roughly halfway between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, it makes an ideal choice for families from either metropolitan area or anywhere in between.

The park is among the newest cemeteries in Maryland, having been established in 1988. The age of the park belies its charm, however, as it is also among the most beautiful in our network of Maryland cemeteries.

Families who choose Columbia Memorial Park will discover endless flower gardens and carefully manicured shrubbery set against stately trees and forest-like backdrops. Visitors appreciate the beauty and the serenity of the expertly-designed grounds that truly do resemble a park.

Columbia Memorial Park offers traditional burial options as well as a scattering garden and many natural elements throughout.

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Glen Haven Memorial Park

Glen Haven Memorial Park, MD

Glen Haven Memorial Park offers families a peaceful setting in which to offer lasting tributes, quiet prayer, and a moment of solitude and reflection. There are more than 80 acres of gardens, personal estates and statuesque points of interest for visitors who wish to visit and honor their loved ones in one of the loveliest cemeteries in Maryland.

One such feature is the stately in-the-round statue that features four biblical figures set in gleaming white stone alcoves. It can be found at the cobblestone crossroads in a central area of the park and serves as a comforting focal point for families who visit.

There are several varieties of mausoleums here, including chapel style, garden mausoleums, and personal estates. In addition to traditional burial options, there are also cremation services. Lawn crypts are available as well.

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Hillcrest Burial Park

Hillcrest Burial Park, MD

For families searching for a burial plot that’s closer to nature yet within an easy drive of D.C. or Baltimore, Hillcrest Burial Park might be a good option. Located in Cumberland, MD, it rests at the midpoint between three State Forests. Since it lies in the western part of the state just below the Pennsylvania border, it’s also an easy drive from Pittsburgh.

George Washington’s Cabin is also nearby, lending a truly historical significance to the area, as well as a reverent feeling of magnitude. Families will find Hillcrest to be not only beautiful and peaceful with its rolling hills and stately trees but also fitting for peaceful reflection or prayer. The historic brick structure with stained glass windows adds to the sense of history while the magnificent views offer comfort and peace to anyone who visits.

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Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, MD

Located just miles from The Capitol Steps in Washington, D.C., Lincoln Memorial Cemetery is both historically significant as well as convenient for D.C. families. The cemetery is surrounded by dense stands of thick trees but offers sweeping views atop each rolling hill.

Although Lincoln Memorial isn’t the oldest of the Maryland cemeteries in our network, it does serve as the resting place for several historical figures. Many of them are of African-American origin. At the highest peak in the cemetery, visitors will find the grave site of A. Langston Taylor. Mr. Taylor co-founded Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity when he was a student at Howard University.

This cemetery offers traditional burials as well as cremation and mausoleums.

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Lorraine Park Cemetery & Mausoleum 

Among our network of Maryland cemeteries, Lorraine Park Cemetery & Mausoleum is one of the oldest. It dates back to 1872. The grounds are landscaped in the historical style reminiscent of many of our nation’s top city parks.

The sense of history is heightened by ancient trees and marble and granite statues found throughout the grounds. Many of the statues are stunningly beautiful, adding to the intensely peaceful setting in which visitors can reflect upon loved ones. The offices are historical as well, and the Victorian style building at the main gate where they are housed is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lorraine Park Cemetery & Mausoleum offers traditional burial options as well as indoor and outdoor columbarium and mausoleums. There is also a pet cemetery, lawn crypts, and a cremation garden.

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