Cemeteries in West Virginia

West Virginia is called the ‘Mountain State’ for good reason. And the top WV cemeteries on our list all take advantage of the state’s beautiful backdrops. Most of these cemeteries are also conveniently located within a short drive from major cities and highways. Read on to learn some of the best cemeteries in the West Virginia. 

Beverly Hills Memorial Gardens

Beverly Hills Memorial Gardens

Cross the Monongahela River that winds its way through Morgantown and you’ll find Beverly Hills Memorial Gardens. 25 acres of West Virginia countryside left in its natural, original state form the backdrop for the burial plots, winding pathways, and mausoleums of this cemetery. Both cemetery and natural preserve, one-third of the property remains undeveloped.

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Evergreen Cemetery North

With the expanse of unbroken Shenandoah mountains to the east, Evergreen Cemetery North is stunning from every direction. Snowcaps are visible in the distance in wintertime, and the town itself is known as a popular historic district in the state. Follow the Ohio River north out of town and you’ll soon find yourself at the base of Wayne National Forest.

With all this and more, it’s easy to see why this cemetery is among the most beautiful in the region. For nearly a century, the grounds of this West Virginia cemetery have offered families a peaceful setting amidst natural surroundings where they can reflect upon or pray for their loved ones. The lighted cross and the views of the small city below add to the charm of this beautiful cemetery in Parkersburg, WV.

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Fairview Memorial Gardens

Follow the Kanawha River west out of Charleston, the state capitol, and head west towards the Ohio River and you’ll stumble upon Fairview Memorial Gardens in Milton, WV. It’s one of the few West Virginia cemeteries located along the old Midland Trail that leads through the hilly terrain that defines the region all the way to the Ohio border. 

Visitors to Fairview Memorial Gardens will appreciate the country setting and the convenient location. It’s easily found, just off Interstate 64 about half an hour’s drive from Charleston.

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Floral Hills Memorial Gardens

Even in a state known for its country charm and peaceful, rural settings, Floral Hills Memorial Gardens in Mt. Clare stands out. Peaceful, rural, natural, and beautiful are all used to describe this small cemetery, but you can add solitude to the list of features that define these grounds.

Visitors to Flora Hills will appreciate the quiet simplicity of the gardens, which feature 35 acres of burial plots, crypts, and mausoleums. Rolling hills can be seen in the distance, along with unobstructed views of the tree lines that surround the area.

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Grandview Memorial Park & Mausoleum

Grandview Memorial Park & Mausoleum

Look for the joining of the Tygart Valley River and the West Fork River in the North-Central region of the state and you’ll find Grandview Memorial Park & Mausoleum.

The grounds of the park sit atop a picturesque hill, affording all visitors a sweeping view of the West Virginia countryside that spans the surrounding areas. Hickman Run, a small tributary of the mighty Monongahela River, winds through the park as well, lending a peaceful, contemplative atmosphere to the grounds.

The town in which this memorial park resides, Fairmont, was named for the views it offered travelers making the journey between Morgantown and Clarksburg. Visitors will appreciate the convenient location between these two West Virginia locales, just off Interstate 79. Further down the highway lies Charleston, the state capital.

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Halcyon Hills Memorial Gardens

Halcyon Hills Memorial Gardens

In the tiny hills and just a stone’s throw from the Ohio River lies Halcyon Hills Memorial Gardens. It’s among a small handful of West Virginia cemeteries located near both the Ohio and Pennsylvania borders, making it a good option for families hailing from either of these three states.

Halcyon Hills is nestled at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, in Wheeling. Visitors will note the incredible mountain vistas of the area. The gardens themselves were settled in 1939 on former farmland, which now offers seemingly endless views of the rolling hillsides West Virginia is famous for.

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Jackson County Memory Gardens

About halfway between the state capitol and Parkersburg, where the Ohio River takes a dramatic bend, you’ll find Jackson County Memory Gardens. It’s a rural area in a state known for its rural beauty, but these gardens stand out among West Virginia cemeteries, as they are surrounded by thick, wooded areas on three sides.

Families who wish to remember their loved ones amidst a wooded environment and undisturbed by modern development will appreciate the solitude and serenity found at these gardens. The natural rolling hills are interrupted only by the old growth trees, traditional headstones, mausoleum, and occasional cremation niches.

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Kanawha Valley Memorial Gardens

Kanawha Valley Memorial Gardens

Named for the river that runs nearby, Kanawha Valley Memorial Gardens in Glasgow is noted for its hilly, tree-lined location. Rising sharply from the road below, the gardens look out over West Virginia’s rolling hills that descend gracefully to the river basin below.

Also of note at Kanawha Valley are the occasional luminary events held by the community, which transform the grounds into a lighted nighttime oasis of inspirational peace and reflection.  Families can select from a wide range of options, including traditional burial plots, private estates, personal columbariums, cremation niches, and double-depth lawn crypts. 

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West Virginia Memorial Gardens

West Virginia Memorial Gardens

Between Summersville Lake and the mountainous region that extends all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ll find West Virginia Memorial Gardens. With whispering willows, brick walkways, winding paths and steeply rising hills, these grounds are perfectly suited for families who seek a peaceful environment in which to commemorate their loved ones.

Noted also for its attentive grounds keeping and administrative staff, West Virginia Memorial Gardens make an excellent choice for families considering West Virginia Cemeteries in their search for a suitable burial plot. Choose traditional ground burial, private estates, inside or outside mausoleum, niches, benches, or single and tandem crypts.

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