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Chicago Area Cemeteries

Chicago and the surrounding region are known for beautiful rolling hills, leaves that change with the seasons, and of course Lake Michigan. Cemeteries near Chicago reflect the natural beauty of the area with gorgeous landscaping and an attention to detail typical of the finest homes and neighborhoods.

For families considering various Chicago cemeteries for their loved one or themselves, here are five quality options from which to choose. 

Bronswood Cemetery

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Established just a half-century after the nearby city of Chicago was settled, Bronswood Cemetery is brimming with historical monuments dating back to the mid-1800s. In addition, the grounds are beautifully laid out, following the style of traditional park design that was popular during that time. There are rolling hills that slope gently to natural pond settings. There is a large variety of trees, ranging from poplars and firs to oaks. In Autumn, many of the trees turn colors. Visitors enjoy a different color palette for every season.

From the stone-gated entrance with its built-in masonry benches to the wrought-iron fences placed around the grounds, this Chicago-area cemetery is full of architectural flourishes that recall yesteryear. Many families find this to be an ideal setting for quiet reflection and prayer.

Located in historical Oak Brook, Illinois, Bronswood Cemetery can accommodate traditional, in-ground burials. Both public and private mausoleums are available. For cremations, families may choose burial or placement in a public or private columbarium.

One feature of this cemetery that stands out among other cemeteries near Chicago is the Cremation Nature Trail. Families who wish to visit often and reflect upon their loved ones may choose this burial option, which is especially meaningful if their family member was close to nature.

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Mount Vernon Estates

Mount Vernon Estates is a Chicago-area cemetery located in Lemont, Illinois. Lemont is a suburb of Chicago, located southwest of the city center and can be accessed via I-356 and I-55. Though close to the city, the peaceful grounds give the impression of being situated in the countryside. These lush grounds are augmented by the natural setting of the Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, which lies directly across the street. In addition, there are three other golf and country clubs that surround the cemetery.

The cemetery is over 100 years old and, as such, features several stands of old-growth pine trees that loom tall above the grounds and frame the gardens. There are single and double-depth lawn crypts, another feature that is common in the older cemeteries of this region. Families may also choose columbarium niches for cremains, as well as monuments to mark the burial spot of their loved ones.

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Northshore Garden of Memories

North Shore Garden of Memories is located in Waukegan, north of Chicago near Lake Michigan. Families from a rich variety of cultural and religious backgrounds feel welcome here, whether they’re in the planning stages of choosing a burial plot or they’re visiting a loved one’s site.

There are several options for memorialization at Northshore Garden of Memories, including in-ground burials and cremation burials. The cemetery is just over a century old and offers lawn crypts as well. Many families find the historic flavor of Northshore Garden of Memories to be an ideal setting for reflection and prayer.

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Willow Lawn Memorial Park/Aarrowood Pet Cemetery

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Willow Lawn is a mere one-and-a-half hour north of Chicago but seems worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Known as one of the few cemeteries near Chicago that also has a pet cemetery, Willow Lawn Memorial Park is a good choice for people who are especially close to a beloved pet.

The adjoining pet cemetery is called Aarrowood Pet Cemetery and also offers crematory services for pets. Pet owners may choose to bury their beloved four-legged friend in a plot complete with an engraved monument. Many of the monuments here also incorporate engraved images taken from a photo. Families sometimes commission lifelike sculptures of their pet and place them on a monument-style burial plot. There are dogs, horses, and cats as well as other pets buried at Aarrowood.

Willow Lawn Memorial Park is known for its beautiful nature views. Families will also appreciate the convenient proximity to the Vernon Hills Metra Train Station, which belies the peaceful, quiet setting of the park.

One option that sets Willow Lawn apart from other Chicago cemeteries is the option for natural burial. There are also traditional burial options to choose from, such as in-ground burial, cremation niches, private estates, and a cremation nature trail.

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Woodlawn Memorial Park

Woodlawn Memorial Park

Woodlawn Memorial Park is a truly peaceful setting that’s bordered by Forest Preserve on two sides. On a third side, there is a small airport, which serves to preserve the land from development, thereby helping to maintain a quiet setting.

A few features that set Woodlawn apart from other Chicago cemeteries are the Greek Orthodox section and the Serbian Orthodox section. For military families, there is also a Veterans’ section. Every visitor appreciates the beauty and symbolic meaning of both the swan pond and the butterfly garden. The park is well-maintained: caretakers have recently restored the bell tower.

Woodlawn was established in 1929 and offers a variety of crypt styles as well as traditional, in-ground burial and mausoleums.

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Families who wish to find out about the various types of burial in the Chicago area, or other cemeteries in Illinois, can call BurialPlanning.com any time. We offer a free, downloadable checklist for funeral planning in the Chicago area.


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