Burial Planning… and Superstition?

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So...were you a little extra cautious this past Friday the 13th? Admittedly, some of us at burialplanning.com were careful not to step under ladders, break mirrors, or get in the paths of black cats.

After laughing at the silliness of some of our superstitions, one of the team members brought up a good point—some folks hesitate to engage in burial planning due to superstition about death. That’s right—a few of our memorial counselors have shared stories of people hesitating to move forward for fear that if they pre-plan, their burial will be next week!

Superstitions about Planning a Funeral

Having helped more than 1 million families memorialize loved ones with dignity since 1999, we can assure you that their "death superstitions" were unfounded. There is a big distinction between planning and scheduling a burial! There is no reason to think that planning your burial and looking to find a cemetery somehow means you have started counting the days until the end of your life.

Completing the planning process is not about putting an end date on your life. Rather, it is just the opposite. Despite the funeral planning superstitions, pre-planning is about making appropriate decisions and proper arrangements about a very important event so you can lead a less stressful life.

Once you begin the planning process, you will find that there many considerations including choosing a cemetery and deciding on options such as whether an in-ground burial, a mausoleum, or cremation is right for you. It is better to deal with those decisions now than leave them unresolved for a loved one to make after you are gone. Once you get started, you'll likely forget about any superstitions about death that may have been holding you back.

Understanding burial options and making your decisions either individually or with your spouse is rational, sound, and the right thing to do.

So, if you haven’t yet done so, ignore the silly death superstitions and make the commitment to begin the process today and spare your loved ones of unnecessary and costly burial expenses.  And don’t let superstition get in the way...although our cemetery locator might help you determine a property more likely to have four leaf clovers strewn about the landscape….