Can Cremains Be Placed Inside a Mausoleum?

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November 09, 2016

As the popularity of cremation has increased over the past several decades, the options for the placement of cremated remains have increased, as well. Those considering cremation may wonder what options are available for a final resting place. Today, we’ll take a look at the options for placement of cremains inside of a mausoleum.

Can Cremains Be Placed Inside a Mausoleum?

The short answer is yes: cremains can be placed inside a mausoleum. The specifics of the process vary, though, depending upon the mausoleum and cemetery.

There are two main types of mausoleums: public mausoleums and private mausoleums.

A private mausoleum is a distinct, private, aboveground structure that is built at an individual’s request. Most commonly, private mausoleums are designed to entomb members of a single family. These structures are both personal and prestigious. They provide an atmosphere of comfort and privacy for visiting loved ones.

Consequently, depending upon family wishes, a private mausoleum can be designed to hold the cremated remains of family members – but it may also be designed for other burial methods. If you wish to have your cremains placed in a private mausoleum, be sure to consult with family members and funeral directors to ensure that your mausoleum can accommodate cremains.

 A public mausoleum, alternatively, is a building memorializing multiple individuals. Many well known monuments are public mausoleums, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Great Pyramids, and Westminster Abbey.

Many public mausoleums have not been designed to accommodate cremains, but there are some that do. Again, be sure to consult with those involved to determine whether or not your mausoleum of choice can accommodate this method.

A Columbarium May Be the Answer

For those who have chosen cremation and desire an aboveground communal location, a columbarium may be the answer. A columbarium may stand by itself, or be part of a mausoleum.

It is designed specifically for housing urns containing cremated remains. Every columbarium features an arrangement of openings, called niches, into which an urn can be placed. These may be in a single wall, or in a room or building designed for the purpose.

Choosing the Right Burial Option for You 
Are you unsure what burial option is best for you? Whatever you choose, leaving your loved ones the gift of a legacy is a personal choice that requires careful consideration. Get the information you need to make the best decision with our free planning kit