Cemeteries in Michigan

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Michigan boasts a plentiful supply of beautiful sights and natural scenery, from the Gold Coast near Grand Rapids to the stunning forests that cover more than half the state. It stands to reason, then, that Michigan cemeteries, steeped in nature, are serenely beautiful as well.

Below you’ll find what we believe to be the 12 best cemeteries in Michigan, each offering unique features that leave them highly praised and loved by those who frequent the grounds.


Gardens, Parks, Florals, and Lawns: The Top Michigan Cemeteries on BurialPlanning.com

Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery

chapel hill memorial cemetery in michigan

Gardens make beautiful backdrops for everything in life, which is one reason why Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery makes our list. There are several gardens with names like Garden of the Apostles, Garden of the Last Supper, and Garden of Devotion. This adds a contemplative and comforting aura to this cemetery, which is located in Grand Rapids, near the airport there.

Don’t let its location near the airport deter you - this is one of the most beautiful and well-kept cemeteries in the state. There are clusters of trees, groves, a river, and walking paths, all of which serve to create a lovely, protected space for everyone who visits.

Buried here are quite a few local founders and politicians dating back half a century. Click this link to learn more about Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery


Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens

If being nestled between an airport and a bowling alley doesn’t sound like a recipe for beauty, then you haven’t seen Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens. Located in the center of the state in Lansing, this Michigan cemetery was established in the 1940s. As such, it benefits from a rich history of landscape design principles applied with perfection.

Click this link to learn more about Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens.


Christian Memorial Gardens West

This stands out among all Michigan cemeteries for two reasons: the nature sanctuary and the artwork. The chapel mausoleum is beautifully situated, with clear views of the nature area. The artwork includes stately, gorgeous brass statues that lend a sense of history and reflection to the grounds.

Click this link to learn more about Christian Memorial Gardens West.


DeepDale Memorial Gardens

deepdale memorial gardens michigan

This cemetery, also located in Lansing, is approaching its 100-year anniversary. The old-growth mature trees are unmatched by any other cemeteries in Michigan and include oaks and maples.

As if that weren’t enough to qualify DeepDale for our list, there are also incredible views of the Grand River, on which the grounds sit. There are 65 acres, across which lie statues, rolling hills, and beautiful scenery all around. Families can inquire about private family estate plots near the river.

On top of all this, the cemetery is exceptionally well-run and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Click this link to learn more about DeepDale Memorial Gardens.


East Lawn Memory Gardens

East Lawn Cemetery in Michigan

Although established in 1960, East Lawn Memory Gardens has the look and feel of a much older cemetery. The trees are lush, full, and mature, and the landscaping was done in the classic style with many varied features. A pleasing mix of deciduous and evergreen trees forms the backdrop for well-kept grounds while a stately entrance makes visiting here a comforting, pleasing experience.

Monuments include a Michigan State University Monument, an impressive, mural-sized sculpture of a prayer book containing the Lord’s Prayer, and several garden memorials depicting biblical scenes.

Click this link to learn more about East Lawn Memory Gardens.


Flint Memorial Park

flint memorial park michigan

One of the first things visitors to Flint Memorial park notice is the impressive Sanctuary, which is fronted by a rotunda sculpture and fountain. The cemetery grounds feature towering evergreen trees, winding driveways that make for easy access for all visitors, and glistening white statues that dot the cemetery from one end to the other.

Between the unique Sanctuary design and the annual first responder ceremonies held here, it was an easy decision to add Flint Memorial Park to our list of top cemeteries in Michigan.

Click this link to learn more about Flint Memorial Park.


Floral Gardens

Hands down, Floral Gardens makes the list because of their incredibly stirring presentation of flags that honor veterans. The avenue of flags, as it’s called by visitors, features more than 200 flagpoles and blends picturesquely with the lush gardens at this cemetery.

Located right where Saginaw Bay meets Lake Huron at the southern tip of the Bay, Floral Gardens is as pretty a place you could find. It’s a rural area settled by Europeans in the 1800’s and the landscaping in the area is still wonderfully undeveloped and natural-looking.

Click this link to learn more about Floral Gardens.


Floral Lawn Memorial Gardens

Floral Lawn Memorial Gardens

Anyone who appreciates nature will immediately recognize the beauty of Floral Lawn Memorial Gardens. Although this Michigan cemetery is located only 1 1/2 miles from Interstate 94, you’d never know: there are parks, gardens, wooded stands that frame the grounds, and plenty of wildlife.

Click this link to learn more about Floral Lawn Memorial Gardens.


Mt. Ever Rest Memorial Park (North and South)

Mt. Ever Rest Memorial Park in Michigan

The original of these two cemeteries in Kalamazoo is Mt. Ever Rest Memorial Park South, established in 1928. The newer cemetery is the North version, established 40 years later in 1968.

Both offer a peaceful setting with lots of trees, but the older grounds at Mt. Ever Rest Memorial Park South feature a pond that has a lovely fountain. There is a total of four exterior mausoleums at the older location, too.

Click this link to learn more about Mt. Ever Rest Memorial Park North or Mt. Ever Rest Memorial Park South.


Roseland Memorial Gardens

Roseland Memorial Gardens

1928 was a big year for establishing Michigan cemeteries since Roseland Memorial Gardens was also created that year. It’s a large area (75 acres) that feels more like a park than a cemetery. With its miles of winding drives and dense shrubbery, visitors are calmed and comforted as soon as they arrive.

Click this link to learn more about Roseland Memorial Gardens.


Sunrise Memorial Gardens

sunrise memorial gardens in michigan

In Muskegon, you’ll find Sunrise Memorial Gardens with its ‘Chapel of the Chimes’ and impressive flower gardens. In Spring, the flower beds combine with flowering trees to create a stunning display for visitors.

Click this link to learn more about Sunrise Memorial Gardens.


That wraps up our review of the 12 best Michigan cemeteries. BurialPlanning.com keeps tabs on cemeteries in all the states, so you can find out which are most suitable in any state. Use our search feature to find a cemetery in your area that makes the list for your state.