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November 28, 2018

The countryside in the region surrounding the city of Philadelphia is lush with natural beauty. Families who are planning a funeral and burial in and around the “City of Brotherly Love” have many desirable options from which to choose. Whether it’s west of the city, where the rolling hills rise gradually from the Schuylkill River, or north of the city limits, where 19th-century farmhouses dot the land, Philadelphia cemeteries are found on some of the most beautiful spots in the state.

Here are just a few of the cemeteries near Philadelphia that stand out among the rest. 

All Souls Cemetery

All Souls Cemetery has it all: rural vistas, variegated landscaping, and gently rolling hills. Situated on a quiet country road adjacent to a farm, the grounds are well-placed for families who enjoy a sense of rural solitude when visiting their loved ones.

The cemetery is one of the newer Philadelphia cemeteries, yet it has the look and feel of a burial ground built generations ago. There are mature trees, a stately stonework entrance, and well-tended plots featuring a mix of foliage types.

All Souls is part of a network of Catholic Cemeteries that exist under the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Families who choose this cemetery are typically choosing burial sites that reflect their religious values and beliefs. There are private mausoleum estates, columbarium, outdoor niches, and plots for in-ground burial. 

Located in Coatesville, All Souls is roughly 40 miles outside the city of Philadelphia. It is easily accessible off the main roads.

Click this link to learn more about All Souls Cemetery. 

Calvary Cemetery

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia maintains 12 Catholic cemeteries near Philadelphia. Calvary Cemetery, in Conshohocken, is one of them. There are private mausoleums in addition to traditional in-ground burial sites situated among the gentle hills. Views are gorgeous from any vantage point because of the higher elevation of this cemetery. Families who spend time here will immediately feel a peaceful sense of calm and reflection made possible by the beautiful surroundings.

Calvary Cemetery offers a full range of burial options for families who are interested in a Catholic burial that reflects their faith and that of their loved one.

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Holy Cross Cemetery

Of all the Philadelphia cemeteries on our list, Holy Cross Cemetery is the closest to the center of the city. Just six miles from the center of downtown in Yeadon, it’s easy to get to in the East Lansdowne neighborhood, just a short drive off of Baltimore Avenue. The grounds are extensive, covering more than 200 acres of mostly level land.

There are still many available plots within the cemetery limits and visitors will discover a full range of options. From outdoor crypts to mausoleum and cremation niches in addition to in-ground burial sites, each spot is well-maintained and beautifully situated along winding paths and lush greenery.

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Resurrection Cemetery

Bensalem, PA is a half-hour drive from central Philadelphia via I-95 N. Head northwest toward Resurrection Cemetery, which is nicely situated within Bensalem town limits near the St. Ephrem Church and school. It’s part of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia cemeteries that exist in and around the city.

Set amidst weeping willows and majestic evergreen trees, this is one of the most picturesque cemeteries in the greater Philadelphia area. The variety of trees creates a stunning visual impact year ’round, and provides shade in the warmer months of summer. Families are always pleased to find that the grounds at Resurrection are very well-maintained.

There are numerous hand-carved tombstones throughout the cemetery, which depict a range of biblical images and scenes. Both the Garden of the Ascension Mausoleum and the Garden of the Cross Columbarium are beautifully designed and situated within the cemetery.

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Rolling Green Memorial Park

One of the oldest Philadelphia cemeteries on our list, Rolling Green Memorial Park was established in 1938. The land was originally a country farm, after which it became the site of the county fairgrounds. The cemetery is laid out in a straightforward design with several main roadways for cars to pass through. The burial sites are interspersed with old-growth trees and walking paths that wind around the entire cemetery grounds. Families can choose from several burial options including lawn crypts, mausoleum internment, and in-ground burial.

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SS Peter and Paul Cemetery

SS Peter and Paul Cemetery in Springfield, PA is another member of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia network of Catholic cemeteries. The grounds cover more than 300 acres, making this one of the largest cemeteries in the area.

In Springtime, the blossoms on the trees are spectacular and there are many varieties of both deciduous and evergreen trees. Visitors will notice that the grounds were designed with an eye toward offering beautiful vistas all year. Pathways and driveways bend and wind their way throughout the grounds in a naturally flowing pattern that adds to the charm and beauty of this cemetery.

Most types of burial options are available at SS Peter and Paul, including private estate mausoleums, cremation niches, a garden mausoleum, and traditional ground burials.

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Sunset Memorial Park

Sunset Memorial Park can be reached from central Philadelphia by following the Delaware River northwards. Turning inland near Andalusia and heading toward the town of Feasterville-Trevose, visitors will arrive at the cemetery in under an hour’s time.

The grave sites are situated along a spiraling network of driveways and paths that are dotted with a pleasing variety of trees and shrubbery. The central rotary takes visitors through a grove of old-growth trees that lend a stately ambiance to the grounds. Sunset Memorial Park offers visitors a serene, peaceful environment in which to pray or reflect.

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More Cemeteries Near Philadelphia

There are, of course, more Philadelphia cemeteries for you to explore. Located across the region from Pottstown to Levittown, each with its own unique charm and a different set of features.

For help with planning a Philadelphia burial, download our free checklist. Many people opt to plan years if not decades in advance, to save on costs and ensure everything is taken care of for their loves ones. If you’re considering this, you can use our checklist as you explore the cemeteries in the Philadelphia area and select a burial option that fits your plans.