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November 02, 2017

New Jersey is a state steeped in history and abundant natural resources. As such, many of the cemeteries in NJ are both historically significant and visually beautiful. For families considering their burial options in this lovely state, here are some of the top New Jersey cemeteries. 

Arlington Park Cemetery

Arlington Park Cemetery

Many families prefer a cemetery with a strong sense of history. Such places can set the stage for comforting, peaceful surroundings in which to reflect on their loved ones. If that’s the case for you and your family, Arlington Park Cemetery in Pennsauken, NJ might be a fitting choice for a burial site. 

Many of the gravestones here are like works of art and even hail as far back as the Civil War era. There’s a touch of the new here as well, such as a mausoleum built in 2017. 

Grounds are kept up nicely, with some tombstones looking brand new even though they are over a century old. Some date from the 19th century and mark the graves of Civil War soldiers in the Cavalry, Infantry, Navy, and other areas of the military at that time. 

Going back even further in time, Arlington Park Cemetery is situated on grounds that once served the local Native American population, who hunted here. 

The deep sense of history, the majestic purple beech trees and an office that’s located in a century-old house combine to make Arlington Park one of the most beautiful cemeteries in NJ. There are traditional burial plots here as well as cremation burial sections. 

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Beth Israel Cemetery/Woodbridge Memorial Gardens

Woodbridge Memorial Gardens

Beth Israel Cemetery is nearing its 100-year anniversary, and Woodbridge Memorial Gadrens has been in existence for 40 years. Together, they represent 168 acres of variegated monumental and memorial park sections, each with its own unique flavor. From stunning displays of bright flowers in summer to stately, tree-lined avenues that wind throughout the park-like grounds, these two cemeteries are not only well-designed but also kept up impeccably, too. 

Beth Israel Cemetery has both figurative and literal connections to the Holy Land (Israel and Palestine). Soil from that region was transported to Woodbridge, NJ, where the cemetery now sits and was incorporated into the earth at that time. Then, in the late 1950’s, plants from the Holy Land were dedicated by Eleanor Roosevelt. They too became part of the grounds, forging a lasting connection between the cemetery and the Holy Land. 

Beth Israel Cemetery is a Jewish cemetery and Woodbridge Memorial Gardens serves all faiths. Both offer atrium, chapel and garden crypts as well as niches in the mausoleums. Beth Israel Cemetery also offers in-ground burial, in-ground cremation gardens, and lawn crypts.  

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Bethel Memorial Park


Cemeteries in NJ with special, themed sections aren’t unique to modern times. Back in the mid-1800’s, when Bethel Memorial Park was created, developers had the forethought to include an Asian section, an Apostles section, and a Bible section. 

Located adjacent to Arlington Park Cemetery, Bethel was originally the churchyard cemetery of the Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church. The church was organized in 1844, which makes this burial ground over 170 years old. 

The magnolia trees are magnificent in season, and cherry trees are found throughout the grounds. The meditation gazebo and garden mausoleum offer beauty and comfort to all those who visit. Bethel Memorial Park can accommodate in-ground burials and features a columbarium and the mausoleum.  

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CloverLeaf Memorial Park

CloverLeaf Memorial

Woodbridge, NJ is home to several burial grounds, including CloverLeaf Memorial Park. George Washington once stayed in Woodbridge, which is a well-preserved historical town in central New Jersey. Visitors are greeted by enormous flags that go up periodically throughout the year, which offer an impressive gateway to the burial grounds. 

The park is aptly named, since the design follows a cloverleaf pattern. This makes for pleasant, winding pathways that radiate out from a central spot at the entrance to the park. The wishing well serves as a focal point for everyone who visits, and throughout the park visitors will find several features that add to the uniqueness. Many new couples choose to have their wedding photographs taken at the park’s gazebo. 

This New Jersey cemetery can accommodate in-ground burials. The Mausoleum of Eternal Light offers crypts and niches. Lawn crypts are also available.  

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Locustwood Cemetery

Locustwood Cemetery

Not all New Jersey cemeteries can boast connections with the 1939 World’s Fair, but Locustwood Cemetery certainly can. The main entrance features four classic Doric columns that were transported to the cemetery after the fair ended. After a cemetery renovation in 2014, the columns got new lighting and a fountain to further enhance their beauty. 

Renovations also included expansion of the cemetery, with several thousand more burial options. These include nearly 350 more crypts in the Jewish section of the cemetery, called the Garden of Jacob. 

Locustwood Cemetery now features a new memorial niche bank with plans for another to accommodate cremains. Locustwood also offers burial sites (single or double depth), estate sections, columbarium niches, and mausoleum crypts.  

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Mount Lebanon Cemetery/Forest Lawn

Mount Lebanon Cemetery

Mount Lebanon Cemetery and Forest Lawn Memorial Park are situated next to one another in Iselin, New Jersey. For those of the Jewish faith, Mount Lebanon Cemetery offers 65 acres of burial grounds. Serving as focal points are the sculptural menorah and marble Bible that offer serenity to those who seek comfort in their surroundings. 

Forest Lawn, on the other side of a stately row of trees, offers burial options for people of all other faiths. There is a Muslim section as well as a Chinese area of the park. Forest Lawn offers a garden mausoleum and in-ground burial. 

Mount Lebanon Cemetery offers in-ground burial options.  

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