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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is known as the ‘City of Bridges’ and is located at the confluence of three major rivers. It’s also a city full of history, and quite a number of cemeteries in and near Pittsburgh are just as rich with history themselves.  

In fact, many of the Pittsburgh cemeteries in our network were established over 150 years ago. Families considering burial plots in and around Pittsburgh can read about them here and learn about the unique features of each. You can also get information on Pennsylvania cemeteries here.

Allegheny County Memorial Park

Allegheny County Memorial Park

Allegheny County Memorial Park is located in Allison Park, right outside Pittsburgh. The classical rotunda is beautiful. The civil war-era cannon evokes a message of timelessness and honor. In Springtime, when the Memorial Day flags are set out among the gravestones, it’s a fitting backdrop for honoring veterans.

The mausoleum is extensive. Set against a hill lined with large deciduous trees that form a visual curtain behind the structure, it’s beautiful both inside and out. Evoking the landscape of the region, its stonework was crafted generations ago in the classic style.

It also features well-kept landscaping on its perimeter and surrounding the mausoleum doorways, providing a welcoming entrance that’s both stately and soothing for families and visitors who wish to pay their respects. Interiors are suitably serene and accommodating, with places to sit and reflect. Families can leave flowers and other mementos beneath the rich, warm marble crypts, which are marked with well-kept bronze plates denoting the name of the person whose remains lay inside them.

The cemetery itself features all-bronze markers throughout, as well as private estates and beautiful, rolling hills.

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Chartiers Cemetery

Chartiers Cemetery was established in the Civil War era, making it one of the oldest Pittsburgh cemeteries on our list. The cemetery is a living memorial to the soldiers who died fighting in the Civil War, as there are numerous graves dating back to the 1860’s. On Memorial Day, Chartiers Cemetery is awash with American flags, set on gravesites of not only the Civil War veterans buried here but veterans from all wars.

From the 150+ year-old monuments reaching into the treetops to the historical private mausoleums built in the classical style, families who visit will appreciate the beauty and serenity of these historical burial grounds.

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Coraopolis Cemetery 

Coraopolis Cemetery

For families considering Pittsburgh cemeteries who appreciate a timeless quality and closeness to nature, Coraopolis Cemetery offers both in droves. The main driveway takes visitors through a forest-like enclave of old-growth deciduous trees that stand along either side, framing the pathway in all of nature’s grandest glory. Many of the burials here date back to the Victorian era, as the cemetery was established in 1881.

Visitors who wish to stroll the grounds will be pleased to find a wide diversity of tombstone styles, ranging from classic to personalized and unique. There are many large family memorial stones in the cemetery, set among the trees. There is also a mausoleum that affords families a spectacular view from its location atop a hill overlooking the town below. Next to the mausoleum there’s an antique cannon, signifying respect and honoring the war veterans buried at Coraopolis Cemetery.

The cemetery is located 13 miles upriver from Pittsburgh, making it a convenient option for families from not only Pittsburgh but also Carnegie and other communities located just off Interstates 376 or 79.

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Forest Lawn Gardens

In McMurray, about 14 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, lies Forest Lawn Gardens. It’s one of the newer Pittsburgh cemeteries in our network, having been built in 1955. It’s located in town, but the gardens themselves are set back from the main road, making for a quiet, serene setting for families who visit.

There’s a stone-lined pond in the gardens, which have plenty of room to grow. The rolling fields are peacefully pastoral. Visitors will find the grounds to be well-kept and naturally beautiful, much like the surrounding countryside that extends from the town of McMurray.

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Mount Lebanon Cemetery Company

Mount Lebanon Cemetery Company

Pennsylvania abounds with history and the Mount Lebanon Cemetery Company is just one example of the beauty of cemeteries near Pittsburgh that were established in bygone eras. Established in 1874 and built on rolling hills with a pleasing diversity of trees and shrubs, this cemetery is a beautiful setting for families who wish to visit and reflect on their loved ones.

The mausoleum features marble crypts with brass lettering denoting family names and dates. The old-growth trees and the village viewpoints offer a sense of time and place that families will find to be both pleasing and soothing. There is a large number of vets who are buried at Mount Lebanon Cemetery, which deepens even further the timeless sense of history visitors feel when they visit this Pittsburgh-area cemetery.

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Mt. Royal Memorial Park

Mt. Royal Memorial Park

Many of the older Pittsburgh cemeteries have incorporated their state’s history into the design of their burial grounds and associated buildings. That’s especially true at Mt. Royal Memorial Park, whose administration building is built in a historical style evoking the Pennsylvania Dutch.

The cemetery features other notable architectural styles, which serve to make families feel at ease in their surroundings when visiting the sites of their family members. The mausoleum features glass niches and is built in a classic modern style that blends serenely with its natural surroundings. Another structure is built in the style of a Quaker church with a stylized steeple that rises far above the tree line.

The architecture features, combined with the rolling hills and valley views that are typical of cemeteries near Pittsburgh, make Mt. Royal Memorial Park one of the most beautiful burial sites in the region.

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South Side Cemetery

South Side Cemetery

The Pittsburgh area seems to specialize in historical cemeteries built on gently rolling hills overlooking the communities that developed them. South Side Cemetery is no exception. Located in Pittsburgh proper, not far from where the Allegheny and the Monongahela rivers meet, Southside is a beautiful example of late-1800s landscaping and cemetery design.

With extensive, undulating hills and glimpses of the surrounding neighborhoods seen between the mature trees, the cemetery offers families a beautiful setting in which to reflect upon their loved ones. The entire grounds are terraced, affording every gravesite an expansive view of distant hills or the neighborhoods below.

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