Consider the Gift of Burial Pre-Planning

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November 25, 2014

As excitement builds this holiday season, and stores become increasingly crowded, why not take a moment to consider an unusual but practical gift that will truly save your family a considerable amount of money?

No other time of year brings families together than the season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  And, typically, no other time of year stimulates so many cherished memories and reflections on our relationships with our loved ones. The closeness of the season often causes many grandparents and parents to consider meaningful gifts they can give beyond those covered with giftwrap—gifts that will transcend the joy of the season and leave a lasting impact.

Burial pre-planning is such a gift.

Granted, burial pre-planning is not a typical top-of-mind gift idea. However, it is one that is truly thoughtful. Completing the process ensures your loved ones are not faced with an additional financial burden. In fact pre-planning will help keep money in the family because finalizing and paying for your burial choices today will cost less than at the time of need. 

And speaking of options for your burial…the burial pre-planning process is also like giving yourself a gift as you get to choose how you wish to be memorialized.

So this holiday season, think about completing the process. When the family is together, you can let your adult children know your plans and that “it’s all been taken care of”…and then get back to enjoying the rest of this special time of year with your family.