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Planning your burial site and funeral arrangements doesn’t mean you’re ready to leave this earth quite yet. In fact, many people who download our burial information guide aren’t even close to retiring. They’re simply interested in squaring away some practical details, so their family doesn’t have to worry about it and neither do they. 

Why Should You Be Interested in a Downloadable Burial Information Guide?

You already know the obvious reason: pre-paying now avoids decades of inflation – it's another important financial milestone to account for along with college, retirement, etc. But there are so many other good reasons to create a burial plan that most people just don’t think about. We thought we’d go over some of the less obvious but equally important reasons. 

6 Reasons to Download a Digital Burial Information Kit

There are always lots of good reasons to be prepared for big milestones in life. Here are six reasons burial planning makes sense today.

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1. You’ll Have One Less Thing to Worry About

Once you’ve come up with a personalized plan, you won’t have that task hanging over your head anymore. That means more time for enjoying life and spending quality time with family.

This is especially relevant if you have some ideas about how you’d like your friends and family to say goodbye. If there’s certain music you’d like played at your funeral, or if you’d like to be buried in a certain cemetery or in another state, you’ll want to make plans.

Why not arrange them now and you’ll have one less thing to worry about? You’ll be doing yourself a favor, and your loved ones, too.

2. Your Family Will Have One Less Thing to Worry About, Too

Even when families don’t discuss burial planning, there’s a good chance it’s on their minds anyway. Your adult children have probably broached the topic with one another at least once and if they haven’t, they’ve thought about it.

Downloading your burial information kit and making your own arrangements, whether it’s independently or with your family, removes a lot of stress from the equation. Knowing your affairs are all arranged and in order takes the burden off your family between now and when the time finally comes. You certainly won’t want them to feel pressured into making decisions in haste while arranging your funeral and burial. A burial plan helps counterbalance the emotions your loved ones will feel while they’re grieving. When everything is spelled out for them, it removes the added stress of an already unbearably difficult time.

Wouldn’t it ease the burden when they find out everything has been arranged in advance, and the key decisions have already been made?

3. It Makes Difficult Discussions Easier

Think of burial planning as preparation for the future. Someday, you’ll want to discuss more difficult topics, such as end-of-life matters, with your family.

It’s a lot easier to talk about burial planning than it is to discuss passing away. You can focus on the practical details of your plan instead of leading with the larger, more difficult subject of your own immortality.

Some families even find it uncomfortable to talk about burial planning matters. That’s okay: if they don’t appreciate it now, they’ll certainly be glad once they’re grieving. It takes a toll when we lose a family member and making difficult decisions about burial — many of which are costly need to be made in haste if they’re not pre-arranged — is very difficult when you’re grieving.

4. It Also Makes Difficult Decisions Easier

Our downloadable burial information kit acts as a guide. It’s designed to lead you through the questions you might have about all the burial options available to you. Presented in easy-to-understand language, the guide helps you edge closer to all the answers you seek about burial planning.

Funeral costs, arranging your funeral, choosing a cemetery lot - these aren’t simple topics but decisions will be easier if you’re prepared. There are so many options available for families these days — many more than just a generation ago.

5. It Helps You Leave the Legacy You Choose

People often forget that burial planning is about so much more than just choosing a cemetery plot and locking in prices against inflation. It’s also about making sure your funeral reflects the legacy you have in mind.

Celebration of life, religious funeral, green funeral or cremation ceremony: whatever you have in mind for your burial, you’ll have the chance to spell it all out ahead of time. Set your location, your tombstone message, your funeral arrangements – tell the story of your life, your way.

6. It Allows You to Take Responsibility and Be Self-Reliant

If you value your independence and want to be 100 percent certain that everything is in order with your affairs right up to the very end, burial planning is a huge step to take. It means you’re doing everything you can to ease the burden on your loved ones, both emotionally and financially. Isn’t that part of how you’d like to be remembered?

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  • Burial Planning 101 
  • Cemetery guide 
  • Planning guide 
  • Guide to burial options 
  • Types of services 
  • Leaving a legacy 
  • Protecting memories 

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