Financial Planning for Retirement and Beyond

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Mrs. Jones lived independently for nearly two decades. As she grew older she experienced health concerns that led her to considering end of life financial planning issues.

Would she be better off making living arrangement plans now or putting off decisions until later? With retirement financial planning in mind, wouldn’t it also make sense to include burial plans now too?

She decided to move to a retirement facility that provided independent living, personal care, and hospital care as her needs changed. With that decision made, she also considered her family and future and finalized her plans before moving.

End-of-Life Financial Planning

She knew she wanted to be able to dedicate her lifelong retirement plans to living, but also did not want to leave concerns and stress for her children in the future. Her goal was to settle her retirement financial planning now so she could enjoy her golden years.

Mrs. Jones did research and was able to find burial information at a cemetery near a retirement community that met her needs. She moved to a comfortable, safe community near her hometown and could see her family often. She also was confident that her family would not experience undue financial strain when her time comes.

She made a decision on a casket and made all the final arrangements herself. Her family accepted her decisions because she outlined her intentions. Moreover, they were able to accept her wishes with the confidence of knowing exactly how she wished to be memorialized. 

When Mrs. Jones successfully managed her financial planning for retirement, she knew there would be no surprises at a later date and no need for her family to debate “what Grandma really wanted.” Her burial expenses were settled in advance and her retirement accounts could be dedicated to making sure she had the best care while at the retirement care facility.