Mausoleums: No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous

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Mausoleums traditionally have been considered by many people as large and impressive constructions exclusively built for noble leaders, people of importance, or families with great wealth.  As burial trends have changed over time, particularly over the past decade, community and private mausoleums have become more common and are practical burial options for individuals and families, particularly when taking advantage of prepaid burial plans.

Mausoleums offer aboveground, dry burial lots and, for some, opportunities to personalize final resting places beyond that of a traditional grave. Following is a look at the two types of mausoleums:

Community Mausoleum

A community mausoleum is an aboveground building that memorializes mostly unrelated individuals, offering a secure enclosure that remains clean and dry. Although in-ground burials remain the most popular option, a growing number of individuals and families find added prestige to be entombed inside a structure.  And for the loved ones left behind, community mausoleums offer convenience for visiting in any weather.

In opting for a community mausoleum as part of your burial plans, you will need to choose a space location, decide on a single or two-person crypt, identify the location level and select a crypt plate, which is a flat memorial made of bronze and granite materials to inscribe personal information.

Community mausoleums offer opportunities to personalize the structure beyond traditional grave stones.  Some include chapel areas where loved ones can reflect, others are adorned with artwork, and in one unique situation, a musician donated a $30,000 organ to the Bethlehem Memorial Park’s community mausoleum in Bethlehem, Pa., with a plaque that reads “May there be music to comfort the souls of your loved ones.”

Private Family Mausoleum

A private family mausoleum is an aboveground structure to entomb an individual or a family, creating a unique way to memorialize loved ones. Private family mausoleums allow family members to completely custom design the structure, including granite walls, bronze doors, stone columns, stained glass, and other options that ensure personalization, privacy and prestige. 

Pre-Planning a Mausoleum

By engaging in burial pre-planning, you are able to lock in today’s prices and rest assured knowing that your burial expenses – and in the case of many private mausoleums, those of your family – are taken care of, based on your final wishes.