New Year’s Resolutions and Pre-paid Burial Plans

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December 10, 2014

Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Pre-plan Your Burial

It’s that time again. Changing over our calendars, we reflect on the past and look ahead to a new year even better than the one before. Consider some of the common elements of many New Year’s resolutions: reduce stress, improve finances, strengthen relationships, and have more control in our choices. It could seem monumental to tackle every one of these goals, but if you make your New Year’s resolution to pre-plan your burial, you accomplish them all.

Reduce Stress

By choosing a prepaid burial plan now, you will feel relieved and secure. You have addressed an important aspect of your future and ensured that your loved ones will be spared unnecessary strife and confusion.

Improve Finances

Burial pre-planning can be a cost-saving opportunity. It’s estimated that burial expenses will double every 10 years. By planning in advance, you are locking in today’s rates. You also have the chance to schedule payments over time.

Strengthen Relationships

Having a candid discussion with your family about burial options can help build understanding. When you express your personal preferences for burial arrangements now, you provide an occasion for your family to plan together.

Have More Control in Your Choices

There are many factors to weigh in making final arrangements. Requesting burial information is a New Year’s resolution that you will be glad you kept. Pre-planning enables you to give appropriate thought and reflection to the variety of burial choices and costs, so that your final wishes are clear.