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August 21, 2014

Napoleon Hill first introduced the notion of personal branding in the 1937 “Think and Grow Rich,” explaining the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression of oneself in the mind of others.

Hill was considering the notion of personal brands in the business world decades ago, but we all portray ourselves the way we want to be perceived to our work associates, family members, and friends. Personal branding can be useful for anyone,whether you’re young and looking to etch out an identity, or you’re older and considering your legacy. Personal branding for Baby Boomers comes with the added caveat of having to consider how you want to be remembered. 

This focus on personal branding and individuality—both in professional and family lives—can sometimes beg the question, how do we really want to be remembered for once we pass on? Will our personal brand live on?

Burial Space Personal Branding

Our burial space is our last connection to the human world, where grieving loved ones can honor our legacy for years to come. Many people feel a connection sitting at a loved one’s gravesite, no matter how long it has been since that person passed away.

With a little creative forethought, you can add dignified personal touches to a burial that will give loved ones a way to connect during these visits.

Permanent elements can be added that will allow your personality to show through and still be respectful of the other sites in the cemetery. In many ways you may not have considered, your burial space and your personal brand go hand in hand. One way in particular to add your own personal touches to your burial site is with custom memorial tombstones.

Personalized Burial Options

The traditional option of etching a descriptive line or a quote on your monument can be just the beginning. How about leaving a lasting photo of yourself for your loved ones to remember? A personalized burial option such as a memorial tombstone can be customized to include personal icons and laser-etched pictures in granite.

Caskets and burial vaults can also be personalized beyond the type of wood and lining. One example comes from Graceland Mortuary in South Carolina, part of our national cemetery network. When a proud Clemson student passed away following a lengthy illness just weeks before graduation, facility manager Michael Bryant arranged to have the young man buried in a custom-made burial vault boasting the school’s colors – purple and orange.

If cremation or above-ground burial is preferred, you can personalize your resting place with a mausoleum that allows for a glass-front niche. This enclosed area provides a location to display items of personal importance such as jewelry, pictures, or letters.

Burial space personal branding as a Baby Boomer allows you to plan how you want to be remembered. By putting the necessary thought into your burial planning process, you can find personalized burial options that let your loved ones still experience your personal connection.