Personal Branding for Baby Boomers – Now and Forever

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November 30, 2016

Personal Branding for Baby Boomers – Now and Forever

People commonly associate the idea of branding with public companies or organizations. But you can engage in personal branding as a private individual. Personal branding can be an attitude or set of ideals that you want to be associated with personally or professionally. If you are a Millennial, this is something you should keep in mind while making conscious life decisions. If you are a Baby Boomer, this concept of building your brand may be new, but you’ve been actively engaged in it since you were a young adult. Your personal brand as a Baby Boomer reflects your choices, independent or collective experiences, and personal or professional associations.

Taking time to think about your personal brand may seem like a frivolous task. But as you begin to consider your burial preferences and ultimate legacy (which shouldn’t be needed for many, many years to come!), it’s a vital element to accept and can deeply influence how you are remembered.

Take a moment to assess your burial personal brand. Is the brand of who you were and are as a person clear? If not, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I Know How My Personal Brand Relates to Being a Baby Boomer?
Civil Rights Movement

If your personal identity is unclear, you will have difficulty focusing on assessing and building your burial personal brand. Consider the fact that as a baby boomer your personal brand encompasses many private experiences as well as universal experiences. Were you a political activist? Did you shatter glass ceilings in the workplace? Did you fight for social justice? Was your life radically different than the life your parents led? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these are important pieces of your personal brand and of your identity as a baby boomer.

Does My Appearance Speak to My Personal Brand?

Queen Band

Your appearance, your casual conversation topics, your sense of humor – everything extends to your personal brand. Were you a trendy Baby Boomer whose personal brand included grooving to the beat of the music and rocking all night long? Did you have a passion for a local sports team that can be seen in family pictures that span multiple decades? Showcase these passions in your burial personal branding.

What is My Passion?

Loving Couple

Do you prioritize family life, professional accomplishments, charitable acts, or friendships? Your personal brand and your burial plans should reflect that.  When you’re able to showcase your inner spark in a significant way, it can lead to big results in spreading brand awareness. Think about how your passion translates into a message that can be memorialized. A quote or meaningful statement that represents your life’s passions can be placed on an above ground burial monument. You may be gone, but your passion will not be forgotten.

Understanding yourself and the image you project to the world is the first step to assessing your personal brand. Once you have a complete understanding of who you are and how you are perceived, you can begin planning your burial personal branding. Being proactive will allow you to become educated on your options, decide which type of burial option is the best way to showcase your brand, add a personal touch that will comfort your loved ones, and allow your personal brand to continue. As Baby Boomers, you rejected the cultural norm and changed the world. You didn’t let the world dictate how you lived your life, so don’t let someone else dictate how you will be remembered.

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