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You’re a dedicated mom, with lively children who need help with their homework, a ride to sporting events, nutritious meals, laundry, and a hundred other necessities. You’re also a dedicated daughter, as your parents are aging and beginning to rely on you for everyday tasks more and more. Feeling sandwiched between your children and your parents can be both overwhelming and confusing. However, you manage to juggle both, providing love, attention, and assistance.

Whether you are helping your parents with their meals, finances, or their health, you are offering them aid and attention you know they need. But have you considered your parents’ burial plans? As you have stepped in to help them with their everyday lives, this is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration.

Understanding Your Parents’ Wishes

There are many different elements that come into play with pre-planning. For example, what are your parents’ wishes for their burial? Would they prefer a peaceful park setting where loved ones can enjoy attractive scenery while visiting? Are they interested in a community or private mausoleum? What about their gravesite markers? Burial pre-planning is one of the most practical and considerate gifts you can give your loved ones. It’s essential to preserve their memory and provide the burial services they desire.

Guarantee Your Parents’ Preferences

In addition to ensuring your parents’ wishes are followed, you are also sparing your family from making difficult decisions during an even more difficult time. Waiting to purchase these items at the time of a loved ones’ death can be very costly. It’s also easier to subject yourself to emotional overspending. You may feel like you need to make up for any “guilty feelings” from past arguments, missing a lunch date with your mom, not helping your dad learn how to use the computer, etc. By locking in today’s prices, you are avoiding higher burial expenses later on – and get to that lunch you’ve been promising mom.

Avoid adding further grief to such an emotionally-trying time. With so many different types of burial services available, working with your loved one to decide what they want will alleviate confused and frustrated feelings, as well as overspending and mistakes. Furthermore, your loved ones will have the security and guarantee that their preferences will be followed and their family members will not be making significant decisions in their time of grief.