Remembering Your Loved Ones - Choosing a Quote

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Quotes for Remembering a Loved One

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Grief takes many forms-losing a loved one is a deeply personal experience that involves complex inner workings of the mind and the soul. One place many people find comfort is in quotes.Quotes help you to remember a person's essenceandsolidify their memory.A phrase, verse, prayer, or saying can be commemorated in a keepsake toprovide comfort and wisdomfor years to come.Read our tips on how to select a quote that pays respect to the life of your loved one and the bond you shared.

Remembering Loved Ones Quotes -Choose Them Wisely

It's a universally-accepted truth that words can heal. As William Shakespeare put it: "Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break." Words can also serve to honor your loved one in ways nothing else can really quite compare. The quotes you choose to remember your loved one may forever be engraved, printed, or digitalized. After all, they will be attached permanently to the memory of those for whom they were chosen. So, given the importance of the words you choose, here are some ideas for remembering loved ones through quotes.

7 Ideas for Beautiful Quotes by Which to Remember a Loved One

1. Honor Them for How They Changed Your Life

Sometimes the way we publicly remember our loved ones is a matter of how they touched our life in very personal ways. You don't have to reveal your innermost thoughts, but choosing a quote that mirrors your deep gratitude for having been a part of someone's life is a deeply touching and beautiful way to honor their memory.

2. Honor Their Art

If your loved one was an artist, writer, or other creative type, chances are she felt strongly about her craft living on after she departed the physical world.Humans create in order to be remembered. So select a quote that personifies their passion and dedication to making the world more beautiful.

3. Honor Their Great Deeds

If your loved one was especially giving and charitable, finding a quote will be relatively easy and straightforward. That's because their life probably touched the hearts of many people, who were the beneficiaries of their open heart and selfless nature. You may find comfort in a religious quote, or a quote by great people such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, or Buddha.

4. Accentuate the Unusual

Sometimes the most appropriate quote for a departed loved one is one that speaks to his or her most noted personality traits. Was he a rebel? Did she delight in doing things the unconventional way? When remembering loved ones, quotes can highlight their courage to be different, which is what made your loved one so special to everyone. As Douglas MacArthur said so well:

"You are remembered for the rules you break."

5. Honor Their Zest for Life

In life, what was it that made your loved one truly happy? Did he possess an unusual zest for life that could be symbolized by an object? Let's say, for example, he was an avid cyclist. Build your quote around a love for fitness, a passion for the outdoors, or whatever else it was that drew him to the sport of cycling.

Or if your loved one was the life of the party, find a quote that conjures the spirit of other vibrant characters who always seemed to liven up a room when they walked through the door.

6. Honor Their Commitment to Family

If your loved one was the glue that held together your family, they performed in a role that's essential to the makeup of civil society. That's no exaggeration, and should thus be honored with an appropriate quote.

7. Find a Passage from Their Favorite Author

One way to honor a loved one is to delve into the literature that nourished his or her mind during their lifetime. If you happen to know their favorite author, read up and keep an eye out for an appropriate quote you might use. It's a deeply personal way to honor someone because it takes time and dedication and it may even alter the way you think.

Who knows, in reading from your loved one's favorite author, you may find a quote for your own funeral. In fact, any of these ideas for quotes apply to finding your own quote. Have you ever considered planning your own funeral? In addition to choosing the quote you want connected to your life, you could also select your casket, cemetery space, and every aspect of your burial.

Once you've chosen the perfect quote, it can be made permanent in several meaningful ways. From embroidering the quote onto a framed picture to creating an epitaph from the quote, there's a choice that suits every family.

One popular option is adding a memorial bench to their gravesite. Engraving the remembrance quote you've chosen is a thoughtful and beautiful way to honor the memory of someone who has meant so much to you, in a way that will last for years to come.