Should You Consider a Cemetery’s History as Part of Your Burial Planning?

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If you have thought of pre-planning your burial, you may have considered the type of environment you picture your loved ones visiting. Perhaps you see a peaceful park setting or attractive monuments. But have you taken the history of the property itself into consideration?

The Importance of Choosing a Historic Cemetery

For example, Rolling Green Memorial Park, located in West Chester, Pa., is one of the finest cemeteries in the Philadelphia area. This graveyard has a rich and interesting history. It was the first cemetery to allow African-American burials in Chester County, this location serves as a final resting place for a large array of celebrities, entertainers, government officials, and veterans of major wars.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Rolling Green is its picturesque landscape. Flat bronze memorials, stunning mausoleums and crypts are found throughout the property. Blossoming trees adorn the grounds, offering a tranquil atmosphere for burial services and visits.

Green Lawn Cemetery, a historic cemetery located in Columbus, Ohio, features the burial spaces of presidents’ grandfathers, state governors, city mayors, and Medal of Honor recipients, as well as famous historical figures, authors, and artists. With over 360 acres of beautiful countryside, Green Lawn has been one of Ohio’s most sought-after burial properties since 1848. Known for bird and nature watching, the property contains an elegant butterfly garden, striking granite structures, and a 111-year-old mausoleum with remarkable stained glass windows and mosaics made by Tiffany Glassworks Studio of New York.

Green Lawn’s grounds serve as a blend of past, present, and future. With options ranging from traditional ground burials, lawn crypts, mausoleums, cremation services, and scattering, there is a choice available for everyone.

A cemetery's history is an important factor in choosing your final resting place. A memorial counselor can help you learn about a specific property’s background.  And, because you have decided to pre-plan, your burial will be customized to your instruction, giving you the chance to create a positive and happy celebration of your life.

The Benefits of Pre-Planning: You and Your Family

While prearranging your burial may cause you to feel a bit uneasy, many adults today have pre-planned, as it offers both financial and emotional relief to their surviving loved ones. When you decide to pre-plan, you can rest assured knowing your family will not be financially burdened with burial expenses on the saddest day of their lives.  Additionally, your family will find comfort in knowing that the burial reflects exactly what you wanted. By pre-planning, you can guarantee that you will be laid to rest in the historic graveyard of your choice.

Prepaid burial plans save your family from having to make difficult decisions during an emotionally trying time. As with any major life event, planning ahead offers a sense of structure and relief, ensuring a well thought-out future. Pre-planning allows your children time to grieve over the loss of a parent rather than worry about difficult decisions. can help assist you in these decisions, as well as help share your wishes with your loved ones. To start researching cemetery history, as well as pre-paid burial options, contact today.