Stress, Money, and Your Retirement

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November 15, 2015

One of the leading causes of stress is money – especially when it comes to saving money for (or during) retirement. This massive time of transition in your life comes with some amazing opportunities, but also often presents challenges.

If you are fortunate enough to have started saving at a young age, your money stress may be lower. During the roller coaster of life, many of those approaching retirement have not been able to save nearly as much as they had wanted or attempted to. There are many ways to relieve some of the burden and give you a stress free retirement, one of which may be considering a pre paid burial

Pre planning your burial ensures that you are protecting your loved ones from making emotionally charged decisions and over spending during a time of need. As you approach retirement, it may seem scary to dip into your savings on such a large purchase for yourself, but today over 50% of Americans ages 50-74 have pre planned their burial needs. With inflation, the cost of burial options will inevitably rise, making the decision to secure your memorial the way you want at a price you can afford now more logical.

During the holiday season, it is natural that we take a closer look at our financial situation, and perhaps think about tightening the purse strings. As you head into retirement, careful budgeting and proper money management can go a long way to lowering your stress level – and to making sure you can enjoy the holidays with friends and family!

Every day, we are bombarded with messages about life insurance or preventative medical care, but so rarely do we consider funeral arrangements as something we could take care of in advance of the event itself. You may not want to think about what happens when you leave your loved ones behind, but you can eliminate some of your retirement stress and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your final plans are taking care of by speaking to a Burial Advisor today.