Who is Responsible for Funeral Arrangements?

September 04, 2019

  • Selecting whether to hold a meal for funeral attendees and if so, where
  • In many cases, the funeral director of your chosen funeral home or a BurialPlanning.com associate will be able to work with you in making appropriate choices. Yet just because you've enlisted the help of an expert doesn't mean you've surrendered your rights and responsibilities in making funeral arrangements for a loved on. Always remember that you're the ultimate arbiter of what type of burial or memorial service to have, and that you can change your mind or alter plans until you feel satisfied that your loved one would approve.

    The Final Answers on Final Arrangements

    The question of who makes funeral arrangements for a loved one who has passed is never an easy one to answer. Even with the deceased leaving clear wishes behind, the tasks you're now responsible for can feel daunting. There's nothing wrong with relying on help when it is offered. Whether it's from friends, family members, surviving next of kin, or even a funeral director, help in planning a memorial service and funeral can go a long way in honoring your deceased loved one's wishes - and that's what's most important.

    To learn about how to pre-plan a funeral, removing the burden from your loved ones by having it all arranged in advance, download a free burial planning guide.