In-Ground Burial – The Traditional Cemetery Burial Option

As the most traditional burial choice, in-ground burial typically involves a casket and is marked by a memorial tribute. Below ground burials are usually preceded by a funeral service as well.

Below ground burial is the right choice for you if:

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A traditional in-ground burial consists of five components:

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In-ground burial frequently asked questions:

Read our questions below to learn more about in-ground burials:

Can a body be buried without being embalmed?

Yes. In fact, embalming is rarely required by law. Some states require embalming if the body is crossing state lines, but for a burial it is not required.

Are natural burials legal in the United States?

As natural burials become more and more popular, questions continue to arise regarding the legality of natural burials.

Natural burials are legal in all 50 states, but there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. These rules can differ based on the state in which the body is being buried, as well as the cemetery.

Can a body be buried without a casket?

Most states require that a body be buried in some type of container such as a coffin or a vault. Most states will also require some type of container for in-ground burial.

Can a person bury a body on their own land?

Depending on your state, burying a body on private land may be an option. However, it will likely be necessary that your state will require some notification prior to the burial, as well as assurance that all state rules and regulations are followed.

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