Cemeteries in the Los Angeles Area

Southern California is home to a number of different historic cemeteries. And because of the beautiful weather throughout SoCal and the LA area, many people choose these cemeteries as their final resting place.

Choosing a Cemetery in Southern California

There are several benefits to planning your own funeral. By planning now, rather than waiting, you get to pay today’s prices, as opposed to inflated prices in several decades. Plus, you get to choose exactly how you’d like to be remembered. Finally, you save your family the burden of planning during their time of grief.

The first step to planning a funeral is choosing a cemetery. This is often a very personal decision, or may depend entirely on proximity to family. Start by picking a cemetery in the Los Angeles area from the list below.

Want a Free Tool to Help Plan a Funeral?

Funeral planning in Southern California can be stressful. This is why BurialPlanning.com has created our free funeral planning checklist.

This checklist includes selecting a burial option, noting funeral service preferences, and suggestions for how to make it personal.

If you would like advice and help on planning a funeral in California, complete this brief form now to receive your free tool via email.

List of Cemeteries in the LA Area

Select a California cemetery from our list below. From there, you can learn more about planning your burial in CA. Or you can choose a cemetery outside of California.