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The average cost of a funeral in Florida is about $6,000. Florida has no estate tax or inheritance tax.

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Cemeteries in Florida

Because many people retire in Florida, the state is a natural choice when it comes to burial and cemeteries. It's also a destination that people actually look forward to visiting when they go to pay respects to their loved ones.

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Choosing a Cemetery in Florida

Most people choose a cemetery based not on their own preferences, but on those reflecting the wishes of the deceased. You should take into account amenities, location and other features when selecting a FL cemetery for yourself or a loved one. When you're ready to start looking, browse our list of Florida cemeteries below.

If you like exploring nature and rediscovering history, you may want to consider a burial in Ocala. It is home to Fort King National Historic Park, which was the site of the Second Seminole War. For those who enjoy a more fast-paced lifestyle, Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in Florida and the headquarters of the PGA Tour. Ocala's Good Shepherd Memorial Gardens and Jacksonville's Arlington Park Cemetery both feature new cremation gardens and unique surroundings.

If water is a feature important to you, you should definitely check out Edgewater, Florida. The nearby Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon are popular with tourists and locals alike. The Edgewater-New Smyrna Cemetery is unique because it has a canal flowing through the entire grounds. Looking for beautiful water features and reflecting ponds? Daytona Memorial Park has a lake with swans, and Palm City's Forest Hills Memorial Park boasts manmade waterways throughout the property.

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