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Cemeteries in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to dozens of cemeteries, with many notable cemeteries throughout the historic Philadelphia region. manages more than 50 Pennsylvania cemeteries, including some in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Allentown.

Choosing a Cemetery in Pennsylvania

Generally speaking, a person chooses to be buried in a particular Pennsylvania cemetery for a sentimental reason. For instance, they grew up in the East Stroudsburg, PA area, and although they had moved away during their life, they would like it to be their final resting place. Or perhaps they want to be buried at a cemetery in which a loved one was already laid to rest. Others choose a cemetery because of its history (for instance, Bethlehem Memorial Park was established in 1917), horticultural design, or because it’s close to where their family lives.

Regardless of your reason, we recommend taking the time to find a cemetery that fits your plans. You should also consider pre-purchasing your plot and planning your burial now, as it can save you money and ensure that your final wishes are respected.


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Planning a funeral in Pennsylvania, whether for yourself or a loved one, can be difficult and stressful. aims to help simplify the process with a free checklist of items for your consideration. This checklist includes selecting a burial option, noting funeral service preferences, and suggestions for how to make it personal. 

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List of Cemeteries in Pennsylvania

Select a Pennsylvania cemetery from our list below. Then you can learn more about planning a burial. You can also select a cemetery outside of PA.