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Cemeteries in Virginia

"Virginia is for lovers" has long been the state's tourism slogan. This slogan applies to both life and death, as many people choose to be buried alongside their loved ones here. The state is filled with history, from Monticello to the Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg. The state is also filled with dozens of options to choose from in terms of cemeteries.

Choosing a Cemetery in Virginia

You may choose a Virginia cemetery based on one you think is most peaceful or appealing. You may choose one based on what is most convenient for your family to visit. On this page we’ve compiled a number of lovely cemeteries worth your consideration.

For example, Mount Rose Cemetery with Glade Springs, a town that dates back before the Civil War, is nestled at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains and thus offers lush views, quiet reflection, and historical significance. Likewise, Virginia Memorial Park sits at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is near the summer home of American Forefather Thomas Jefferson, which is deemed a National Historic Landmark.

Spotsylvania's Laurel Hill Funeral Home and Memorial Park in Northern Virginia also has land from the Civil War. And both Shenandoah Memorial Park in Winchester and Sunset Memorial Gardens in Fredericksburg offer veterans’ gardens. Sunset also has two baby gardens.

In La Crosse, Crestview Cemetery is renowned for its 11 gardens feature various statues, including a depiction of The Last Supper Imported from Italy.

See our list of cemeteries in Virginia to learn more.

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