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End of life planning is a way to give you and your family assurance that the important details of your life are the ones they will remember. Many families are increasingly choosing Cremation for various reasons. Cremation allows for more freedom with funeral services and generally costs less than the other burial options.

While there are several benefits of cremation over burial, remember that you can still choose both. We can help you with whichever decision you make, and we’ll walk you through all the steps of burial and/or cremation.

Types of cremation services

Generally speaking, there are three types of cremation services. Deciding which one is best for you and your family is ultimately a personal choice.

  • Memorial Service: A memorial service is very similar to a funeral service. The main difference being that the deceased is not present at a memorial service. Instead, the cremation occurs just a few days after death, and an urn is instead usually present at the memorial service. The service may feature religious readings and/or stories about the deceased. It is often held at a funeral home or place of worship.
  • Funeral Service with Viewing Followed by a Cremation: A typical funeral service in which the body is displayed is sometimes held prior to the cremation. This service allows loved ones to hold a viewing of the body, followed by a typical service involving readings and a eulogy. After the service, the cremation occurs.
  • Immediate Cremation: This basic type of cremation service usually occurs within just a few days of death. The body is quickly cremated and remains are returned to the family.

If you think planning cremation service is the right memorialization option for you or a loved one, request a free, no-obligation planning guide above to get more information about the various types of cremation, lock in today’s prices for cremation services, and have the peace of mind of knowing it’s all taken care of.

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