Cemetery Burial Vaults to Protect and Preserve

You’ve chosen your coffin, but did you know that you’ll also need a casket vault for an in-ground burial? Read on to learn about the benefits of pre-purchasing a cemetery vault as part of your burial plan.

What is a casket vault?

A burial (or casket) vault is a concrete outer enclosure that houses the casket. The vault is placed into the cemetery space as a protective lining for the casket, which is lowered into the vault at the time of burial. There are several different types of burial vaults that you can learn about in your free planning guide.

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Why do you need a burial vault?

The vault protects the casket and keeps the land from shifting and sinking, ensuring that your cemetery space remains level and firm and maintains its beauty. This also creates a secure space for your loved ones to stand on.

How much does a casket burial vault cost?

The average cost of a burial vault is $1,247. However, this is just a national average, and the actual cost of the casket vault can vary from this average, depending for example on the state or cemetery of the burial. Additionally, some cemeteries have different rules regarding the burial vault that may affect cost.

We recommend contacting a cemetery in your area to find out more about specific burial vault costs for you.

Why should you plan your burial vault?

BurialPlanning.com offers three types of burial vaults that can be chosen based on artistic preference, cost, and whether you want an even greater level of protection. Purchasing your vault now relieves your family of trying to determine what you would have wanted, and makes sure that your wishes are honored. A vault also ensures that they won’t have to worry about trying to pay for it during their time of grief. 

All BurialPlanning.com locations do require a casket vault with burial services.

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