Cremation Urns for Ashes: A Beautiful Form of Remembrance

Burial Planning cremation urns are decorative personal containers that keep your memory alive. Not only can cremation urns for funerals be personalized, they can also be used as your final resting place.

Personalized, Customized Urns for Ashes

Burial urns

An urn can be placed in a gravesite or urn garden, along with a burial marker to memorialize the site.

Personalized cremation urns for funerals

A custom urn for ashes can be presented in a viewing or even a full funeral service.

Urns left with the family

Rather than a burial in a cemetery, some families choose to keep the urn with them, placed in a preferred location where they can fondly reflect on the life of their loved one.

Why should you pre-plan your cremation urn?

Pre-planning your memorial urn now relieves your family of trying to determine what you would have wanted, and ensures that they won’t have to worry about trying to pay for it during their time of grief. Download your free, no-obligation guide to start planning now.

Do you need a new cremation urn for a loved one?

Custom urns for ashes are a very personal way to honor the life of a loved on. If you ever feel like the current urn of a deceased loved one does not fully express the personality or spirituality of the person it is supposed to represent, you can always upgrade to a new decorative urn that provides a more fitting tribute. 

Not applicable in the state of New Jersey.

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