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Your funeral might be decades away, but planning your burial now relieves some of the future stress of your loved ones having to hurriedly make arrangements at high costs when the time eventually does come. Planning your story by arranging your funeral now gives your loved ones the chance to treasure the memories they shared with you, rather than worrying about the burden of funeral costs and expectations. It lets you set your legacy how you want to be remembered.

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Today, more than ever, please know that we stand with you.

In this unprecedented time in our lives, nothing is more sacred or important to us than to be by your side today, tomorrow and always. We appreciate and salute the first responders, healthcare professionals and all others who are working tirelessly to help end this pandemic. We hope that you -- and your families -- are safe and healthy as we look forward to a return to normalcy.

As an essential business, we are continuing to serve those in need of burial and cremation services -- both in advance and at-need. Our employees are committed to helping arrange services, preserve legacies and honor the life stories of your beloved friends and family. We are taking extra precautions such as offering video chat consultations, increased sanitation efforts at our facilities, and observing safe ways to welcome and console families at our locations. If you have questions about making your own arrangements, planning for a loved one or friend, or have just lost someone dear to you, trust that you are our only priority and we share your concerns, fears and grief. We are ready to help you through these uncertain times. Please hold your loved ones close, and keep them safe and healthy. And please know that we will do the same as we stand with you!

Why do people plan their own funerals?

There are many advantages to advance planning. Here are a few:

Save money

When you plan and pre-pay your funeral, you lock in costs at today's rates. Of course, you can plan your funeral arrangements without paying in advance, or you can set up an installment plan. But paying now avoids years if not decades of inflation.

Have it your way

Planning your own funeral means that the ceremony and burial will go according to your wishes. You can dictate the size of your headstone and its inscription, the location of your interment, and everything else — meaning you get to tell your life story your way.

Ease the burden on loved ones

Death of a loved one, even if it is expected due to illness or old age, is still a traumatic experience. When the times comes, your loved ones will be in a delicate emotional state. You can spare them the additional stress and grief of planning your funeral by doing it yourself in advance.

Avoid the rush

Funerals are usually last-minute affairs. By planning in advance, you can take the time to research all your options. Also, having the luxury of no-pressure planning means important details are less likely to be overlooked, and you (or your loved ones) don't make a rash decision on more expensive items than needed.

Focus on what matters most to you

At funeral ceremonies, eulogies are given that recognize the life of the deceased. If you plan your own funeral, you can ensure that those close to you will be recognized as well.

Complete your financial life plan

Your whole life you've been financially responsible. You planned for your wedding, your children's' college, your retirement. Planning your funeral is simply the last piece of the puzzle, to ensure your finances are secured and you can live the rest of your days in relaxed peace, knowing everything is taken care of.